There are many aspects to a company being called global, and we are proud to say that our ‘global-ness’ goes beyond having a mere geographical presence across continents. When we talk of being truly global we speak of understanding consumer dynamics and consumer markets across locations.

We have learned that countries have varied amounts of knowledge when it comes to design, they also have diverse set of rules and regulations when it comes to exhibition stands and booth construction. We at Exponents are incomparable in the industry for creating component-based custom exhibits that are made keeping in mind market conditions, rules and regulations. We create striking and innovative design solutions that display not only products, but the values and philosophy of the organization they belong to.

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A dedicated product development and R&D team ensures that Exponents excels in terms of product innovations and smart fabrication techniques. Our modular and custom built products ensure flexibility, strength and reliable quality to build high quality trade show exhibits as well at a reduced transportation cost. Our non-stop pioneering spirit has made us the unparalleled leader in refining and engineering the process of building the best in class trade show exhibits.

We have three dedicated design studios in USA, Europe and Asia, which develop exhibition designs keeping in mind visitor profiles, structural requirements of the space and brand values that our customers want to communicate. Designs are made keeping marketing as well as cultural aspects of the visitors in mind. So next time you are exhibiting in a foreign country the risk of understanding your audience lies on us.

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