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Creeya is the latest modular offering from Exponents portfolio and is loaded with unique features. Modular exhibit system “Creeya” is also termed as- custom modular trade show exhibit displays, since it allows myriad customized configurations. It’s locking & extension mechanism makes this modular exhibition system applicable in the range from modular linears - 10’x10’ to 10’x30’ inline booth designs to large island modular trade show displays. These custom modular Trade Show Exhibit Displays are also available as Modular Trade Show Rentals. Exhibition booth rental facility gives custom modular cost advantage providing complete value to your spent even on rental exhibits. This modular exhibit encompasses the versatility of fabric substrate walls as well as the possibility of using rigid panels on front and back sides. Creeya Modular system is ideal for trade shows, events, conferences, exhibitions and point of purchase displays. Creeya is unique since it can be easily configured with other exhibition systems to make hybrid trade show booth designs to fit every budget. Creeya is most innovative trade show display since it embraces the ten most essential elements which any trade show exhibiting system must have, viz: Light Weight, Tool Free, Quick Set-up, Modular system, Stable exhibit, Double sided graphic walls, Eco-friendly fabric walls, LED lighting, Do it yourself ease & Easy to transport.

10x10 Linear Exhibits       Numbers Of Product Found :  3

CR1010 07 - 10'x10'

CR1010 08 - 10'x10'

CR1010 04 - 10'x10'
10x20 Linear Exhibits       Numbers Of Product Found :  5

CR1020 07 - 10'x20'

CR1020 05 - 10'x20'

CR1020 04 - 10'x20'
20 X 20 Island Exhibits       Numbers Of Product Found :  8

CR2020 06 - 20'x20'

CR2020 07 - 20'x20'

CR2020 08 - 20'x20'