The Benefits of Joining a Trade Show

Joining a trade show exhibit brings many benefits to a business from creating credibility to
increasing visibility to potential clients. Trade shows are a powerful platform in which both
small and large businesses can use to establishing presence in their industry. It is a great way to
meet new clients, connect with customers and build a reliable brand name.
A factor for smaller businesses to consider depending on the trade show or conventions size is
the cost. From the process of creating a booth to use at a trade show exhibit, to training the staff
and travel involved to and from the venue will all add up. A strategy to cut your overall business
marketing cost when attending a convention is to get a trade show booth rental from

Here are some benefits of attending a trade show or convention:

1. It has potential to generate profitable business leads
Using the right strategy, each trade show that a business attends is an opportunity to widen the
company’s client base. People attending trade shows are highly motivated and interested in the
services and products of your business. Quite often attendees are prepared to conduct
transactions either on the spot or in the future.

The potential clients at trade shows are typically better business leads than those from other

Prior to joining the next trade exhibit, set goals for your sales team to gather as many leads as
possible. A successful trade exhibit will likely keep the sales team occupied for several months
contacting the prospects and finalizing deals.

2. You’ll learn new business trends
Joining a trade exhibit will often allow you to learn upcoming industry trends. You can use this
opportunity to look around and see what your competitors are currently doing whether it is in the
right or wrong direction. Acting as a customer and approaching competitor display booths and
ask for the price list or the latest products will provide insight to your business as well to stay
ahead. It is also a good idea to observe which give-aways are appreciated or ignored by
customers from your efforts and those of other businesses attending. After a few hours, you will
have a better idea on how to improve your own marketing strategies and possibly new directions
to take for your company.

3. Enforcing your brand
Branding is essential in the success of a business especially in the industries that rely on
reputation and trust. Joining a trade show is a wonderful platform where you can establish a
presence in your industry as a solid, reliable and professional brand that could afford establishing
a footprint at conferences and events.

By using impressive display booth rentals you can position the company as having a solid niche
in your market. Placing your booth beside top corporations gives clients the perception that your
company is an established brand and not just a start-up.

Using crafty strategies, even a start-up business can establish their brand as a strong influence at
a trade show. Exponents Insta USA Inc. can help you develop and manufacture the right kind of
trade show booth that is attractive and suitable for your branding needs. You can call them for a
quote and consultation at 1-800-451-4723 or send them an email at [email protected]

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