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The days of boring sponsorship are gone. It now takes more to get the attention and engage the attendees. Brands can leverage the trade show event as a powerful face to a face marketing opportunity. You can make it count by teaming up with the right team to effectively manage and acquire the right audience and help you to enhance your brand’s visibility with creative sponsorship packages and trade show exhibit builders.

Confexpo is a design-oriented customized conference booth solution with benefits for both, organizers and sponsors. It re-imagines the ideal conference format and changes the time consuming classic model to provide fast & engaging custom trade show booths in simple & easy to choose packages, we offer four tier packages,





You can sign up to be a contractor and receive numerous trade show event sponsorship opportunities to exhibit at any trade show. Your target audience can find your logo on the show’s program, on conference booth displays, custom trade show booths, portable isolation booths, convention booths, in the totes bags carried by everyone, and everywhere else. What does it mean to sponsor an exhibition? Sponsorship of an event offers conference booth displays, conference booth design, convention booth ideas, portable isolation booth, expo booth design, or other services to support a trade show event. Your company receives business exposure in exchange.

This perfectly priced creative sponsorship package’s proven marketing opportunity will help you grab the attention of thousands of attendees. Exponents sponsorship packages have proven to be a great way to market your company, increase traffic to your booth, as well as maximize your return on investment.

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According to the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CER), booth sponsorships can increase booth attendance by 104%. This will result in more traffic, more leads, and more marketing dollars. Choose the right sponsorship package and trade show exhibit builders to maximize your exhibiting investment, or make your own. This will support your brand.

Our conference booth displays packages that include some of our most sought-after products bundled together to save money and ease the decision-making process. It can sometimes be overwhelming to shop for convention booth displays. We have chosen some of our most popular products, such as conference booth displays, portable isolation booths, custom trade show booths, expo booth design services, conference booth design services. We have made it easy for you to choose the right sponsor packages for your next big event.

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Packages Includes:


Stand hire and print


Sponsor coordination


Creative designs as per tiers or sponsor needs


Logistics, installation and breakdown, AV, Furniture

Benefits for organizers

Exponents offer many benefits in trade show events packages to sponsors and organizers. These Creative sponsors’ packages are designed to increase exposure and strengthen your company’s leadership position among expo attendees. In addition, our conference booth displays packages provide a solution for all of your trade show event needs. Your company can enjoy several benefits with our creative Sponsorship Package. These include booth design, booth management, Booth takedown, Booth building, Booth managing, and trade show exhibit. All benefits can customize to suit your organization’s budget and specific needs, depending on what goals you are trying to achieve. Trade Show event Display packages provide an all-inclusive solution for all your event needs. The conference booth displays packages that you can use to express your brand messages in many ways. In addition, exponents offer an extensive range of convention booth display materials to use in your marketing and promotional efforts. It’s easy to boost your brand’s prestige with the right tools. We created our trade show display packages to match your advertising and marketing needs. Here are some benefits for organizers.

Generate additional revenue

With our multiple packages organizers can upgrade sponsors to a higher tier and generate more revenue. Events are a very specific market and a great way to reach people who matter to you, your target audience. It generally returns a higher return on investment than other advertising forms, such as TV and newspapers.

Streamline operations

Once you register your sponsors, hand them over to us; you sit back and see the created experiences. It’s a great way to connect with your colleagues and to be at the same event. By being a sponsor, you can easily let them know that you are there. You’ll help them feel that you are a great choice and have reinforced their branding.

Enhanced sponsor value

Your sponsors can focus on networking with better visitor engagement, cost-effective booths, and low execution hassles. Sponsorship of a major event can be a significant investment. This is something that attendees also realize. When they see your company as a sponsor for the event, they will connect with you and make the connection that your company is growing and successful.

Premium look

Our creative, contemporary and experienced designers make our booths look stylish and premium with high quality and finish. Event sponsors receive much coverage that is targeted at the right audience. The event will feature your logo and company name on posters and websites.

Space utilization

Our designers optimize the available space with no. sponsor stands to minimize space wastage. All of this will lead to a boost in your company’s credibility among peers in the industry, provided you choose the right event as your sponsor.

Wide reach

No matter where you have a conference in the USA, our branches and services are available from San Diego to Orlando. Attending any event is a big part of building your network, generating leads, and meeting potential clients. However, companies that buy stands can have difficulty attracting people to speak with them.

Bronze Design Examples

Typical Size 2x2m_300X300

Typical Size 4X4 feet


Silver Design Examples

Minimalistic yet affordable, Silver has a greater presence



Typical Size 8X8 feet

Gold Design Examples

Gold is the flexible package that offers you with dual graphics. It can be upgraded easily.

You can create an X shaped island by doubling up the standard two-wall option.

Moreover, it’s a convenient way to set up four exhibitors in an open booth.

Typical Size 10X10 feet


Platinum Design Examples

Platinum is high on versatility and a free style type of booths

that can be completely custom or custom-modular depending on budget.

Typical-Size-3x5m_400X320-300x240Typical Size 10X20 feet


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Event Design Gallery

Benefits To Sponsors

Confexpo optimizes the combination of an engaging stand with the convenience of
booth packages without much impacting the cost.



How do I choose the right trade show booth for my organization?

With so much information available on the internet within one’s reach, have indeed made the choice to select the right trade show booth difficultly. But interestingly we got you covered! We understand the fact that each organization is different and unique and so are their needs and wants. You can choose to either Rent or Buy and our team of experts will design your trade show booths just the way you want it to be!

Does the Exhibition booth include lighting?

Yes, our trade show booths come with lighting and we have variety of lighting options available. Our full-blown lighting system lights up the whole booth, creates zones, highlights important brand messages, and sets the mood using ambient or colored lights. Lighting plays a focal part in a trade show booth and can bring out the design of your booth and make it more interesting.

Can I have custom features on my booth?

Yes, you absolutely can! We build custom trade show booths to reflect the company and brand’s perspective. Apart from booth customization on design and features, you can also customize graphics, flooring, and display areas too!

Can my trade show booth integrate multimedia?

Using multimedia in your trade show booth not only heightens your image but is a great crowd puller! You can attract and garner the attention of many by integrating multimedia media in your booth. We have variety of options ranging from TV screens, monitors, computers/touch-screens. Unsure of what multimedia to use? Our team will walk you through the various options and help you choose the best fit.

Do you offer booth graphics printing?

Yes, we have large-format graphics production that is high-quality and can print all types of tradeshow graphics. Our production team takes great care to make sure your trade show graphics are perfect for your display.

What graphics can I put on my wall panels?

Our graphics team can help you create a seamless graphic panel. Vinyl stickers or double-sided tape can easily be attached to your wall. However, permanent fixings such as hook, screw, nail, or paint are not allowed. We need to ensure that all of our panels are in great condition to be used again.


Maximum Size 10MB