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Exponents is a trusted name in the world of trade show booth design and construction, with over four decades of industry expertise. Our commitment to excellence has allowed us to serve thousands of companies, offering top-tier trade show booth rental services that consistently exceed expectations.

By choosing Exponents, you are choosing a partner dedicated to your success. At BICSI’s Winter Conference & Exhibition 2024, we are eager to showcase our expertise in creating trade show booths that captivate the ICT industry. We understand the unique needs of the BICSI exhibitors and are fully equipped to meet them. 

Exponents prebuilds your booth before the show day, reducing the risk of unexpected challenges. Your trade show exhibit is constructed at our Orlando manufacturing unit for a glitch-free experience. Once completed, we promptly ship it to the event’s venue.

Contact us today at 800-639-1174 or drop us an email at to ensure your participation in BICSI’s Winter Conference & Exhibition 2024 is a resounding success with our trade show exhibit rentals.

About BICSI’s Winter Conference & Exhibition 2024

The BICSI Winter Conference & Exhibition 2024 is a pivotal event in the field of information and communications technology (ICT) scheduled to take place from 28 January to 1 February at Rosen Shingle Creek in Orlando, Florida. This event encourages professionals, experts, and industry leaders to converge, exchange ideas, and advance the ICT industry. 

The agenda includes insightful presentations, workshops, and sessions by eminent speakers from diverse backgrounds. The range of ICT content attracts professionals from different industry segments, offering ideas, technologies, and practical solutions. Educational sessions and the Exhibit Hall provide learning, discovery, and networking opportunities. 

Exhibitors like you can engage with top ICT educators and explore various products and services showcased by fellow peers and competitors. s. The BICSI Winter Conference & Exhibition is designed to facilitate knowledge exchange, establish relationships, and promote innovative solutions to challenges facing the ICT industry. 

With four decades of experience in trade show booth design and construction, exponents enables exhibitors like you to showcase your offerings effectively. We are ready to transform your vision into a captivating booth design that echoes the essence of innovation and technology characteristic of the BICSI Winter Conference & Exhibition 2024.

If you have an upcoming convention in Orlando FL, connect with us on 800.639.1174 or write us at for a stress free booth rental.

Why is Exponents the right partner for your BICSI trade show exhibits?

Make a statement at BICSI Winter Conference & Exhibition 2024 with Exponents, your dedicated partner in creating an unforgettable exhibit experience. Here’s why partnering with Exponents leads to a trade show display that draws attention:


700+ Customizable Booth Designs

Explore a mix of over 700 trade show booth designs. Every piece is a canvas, ready to be tailored to mirror the uniqueness of your brand.

Dedicated project management

Our project managers ensure your exhibit unfolds just as envisioned, from graphics to on-site coordination.

Swift turnaround time

Trust us with your vision, and within five business days, we’ll bring it to life with a detailed quote and a meticulously crafted 3D booth design

Turnkey solutions:

Our turnkey solutions take care of all the aspects of your show. Design, build, ship, install, and dismantle – every step, executed flawlessly, under one roof.

Transparent pricing

Navigate your budget easily with our clear pricing – no hidden charges, no unexpected surprises – just straightforward costs that align with your requirements.

In-house Facility

Benefit from our Orlando warehouse’s strategic location, within 9 miles from the event venue, ensuring efficient service delivery.

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Custom Trade Show Booth Rentals BICSI

Custom Turnkey Trade Show Booth Rental at BICSI Winter Conference 

BICSI Winter Conference & Exhibition is an event that would take place from January 20th to 24th 2019 at Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL, United States. With over 4200 attendees in a row and 180 professional exhibitors, the conference provides the platform for sharing of ideas and advice by industry experts. It enables you to establish contacts with thousands of other ICT professionals. The main aim is to deliver the highest quality products and services along with providing opportunities for continuous improvement and an increase in professional stature. Exponents can provide a custom trade show booth to get an edge over your competition.

The exhibition floor with be beaming with competition and there is no way you can stand out with a me-too booth design. A custom trade show booth makes you look unique and there is a reason for attendees to stop by. The booth design is not an off-the-shelf one. It is created for you and your brand in mind. Our designers work on every element so that your key visual stands out.

Custom Exhibition Stand Contractor at BICSI Winter Conference & Exhibition 2019: Save big and look impressive

Traveling across cities with your exhibit can be tiring. There is a perfect solution to this problem. A custom trade show booth rental can be sourced right in Orlando. We can help you with a custom trade show booth rental which is low on cost and high on impact. It will be redesigned to fit your brand elements and you won’t miss out on the distinction. We will handle logistics and project management too. So you don’t have to be bothered at all.

Exponents can be your partner for every exhibiting service. Whether you need designing and construction or you just need logistics and on site installation, we can help you. We have everything under one roof.

Try out a custom trade show booth rental in Orlando from Exponents to do well at BICSI Winter Conference & Exhibition 2019.

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