How Exponents.Com Will Promote Your Business

Exponents works with world famous brands and they take pride in the work they deliver. A list
of their past clients include; American Express, Flexible, Tache, Hirsch, Geneseen, SekureID,
NewChef Fashions, UAM/ ARI, ARC, Jinshan, Upwind Solutions, Sigma, Flatiron, Axinom!,
Impetomedical, Microsoft, Firmenich, Dell and American Specialty Health. For rental displays,
they have serviced companies like Recom AG, Teijin, Darling, Wexer, TNA Packing, and

Exponents is a company that specializes in the custom manufacturing and rental booth creation
for trade show exhibits. Their company understands that one way to make a business profitable
is to establish a presence in their industry by joining trade shows. Whether you just started your
company or have been in business for several years, trade show booth rentals help to achieve
marketing goals. A professionally made trade show booth represents a business and is
instrumental in attracting more customers and strengthening the business relationships with
existing customers. works to make your marketing concepts a reality and offers a wide selection of
booths in different sizes that you can choose from. Once you have chosen the size of the booth
you will use for the exhibit, Exponents will then create its design that will display your business
or product using graphics, imagery and the latest technology that the company’s team of experts
will use.

Their concepts for the design will be based on your marketing campaign ideas. Their design team
will work with your marketing team without overstepping the guidelines for your brand. They
will make sure that their concepts collaborate with your campaign so that the booth and other
business communication used are completely in sync.

10x20 Trade Show Booth

At every stage of the process, from conceptualization to production, you will be provided with
detailed drawings and visuals using 3D renders. This is to avoid any unwanted surprises on the
final product and so that you feel you are involved at each step of the way with booth rental

At times, the pre-packaged solution may not be the best fit for your business needs. Customizing
your trade show booth may be the best way to go when you want to highlight your products and
brand to meet corporate standards. Exponents can create booths with stunning designs according
to your specifications. The company can use their stock knowledge of the event venue and
customize the design of your booth that will create the most impact to its viewers.

Exponents also provides solutions that will give you the best return on your investment. They
provide solutions mixing traditional methods and cutting edge digital innovations. You can rely
on the company to create a display that is definitely attention grabbing in the form of interactive
content or crisp graphics in large format.

Exponents has a team of experts who will help you find the best design for the trade show
exhibit. Book an appointment with them today to discuss the ideas and marketing plans you
have in mind. They will collaborate with you to make all of these a reality and even give
suggestions to improve your ideas.

With several years of experience, Exponents has proven their worth in the exhibit industry by
providing exceptional displays that made their clients very popular and it helped improve their

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