Trade Show Booth Planning

First time exhibitors are recommended to go in for a trade show booth rental

If you are a first time exhibitor, you are likely to feel anxious about the show outcome. And when you are unsure of success, it is […]

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Your Trade Show Booth Isn’t the Only Promotional Tool at the Show

While your trade show booth is an important promotional tool for trade shows, don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s your only one. Start thinking outside […]

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What Canadians exhibitors need to know when exhibiting in the USA

Going to a trade show in the United States requires a lot of preparation. Do you want to travel hundreds or thousands of miles from Canada […]

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Understanding and Meeting Your Boss’s Expectations

Trade shows, in effect, are theatrical performances. They require the synergy of many moving parts, thorough planning, eager audiences, and, often, a lot of improvisation. Both […]

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Steps to plan your trade show exhibit from start to finish

Thoughtful, step by step trade show planning is essential to achieving your exhibiting goals and maximizing your ROI , which includes both your money and time. The […]

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Remedies to Prevent Installation-and-Dismantle Headaches

Even with diligent planning, a successful setup and teardown depend on multiple factors that can really make or break your trade show experience and even your […]

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How to Plan Your Exhibit For a Trade Show in 6 Months or Less

Trade shows and other events where you can interact with potential clients and colleagues in person are an important investment in your business. That face-to-face contact […]

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