Top 10 Trade Shows in Dallas in 2019

Top 10 Trade Shows in Dallas in 2019

With the status of being host to formidable industrial and financial clusters in Texas and some of the top trade shows in the United States of America, Dallas is one place that proves to be a fertile business landscape for most of the brands looking forward to taking their business interests to far-reaching levels of success.

With the beginning of the new calendar in 2019, major business enterprises are looking for result oriented business opportunities in Dallas.

To make it more convenient for such brands, we have created a list of the top 10 upcoming trade show events in Dallas that you can explore in 2019.

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1.  Hearth, Patio & Barbeque Expo – HPBA

2.  KnowledgeLab – Clinical Laboratory Management Association – CLMA

3.  American Thoracic Society – ATS

4.  RDH Under One Roof

5.  The Great American Trucking Show – GATS

6.  FSTEC – Foodservice Technology Conference & Showcase

7.  Southwest Dental Conference

8.  PRINTING UNITED – Speciality Graphic Imaging Association

9.  Joint Federal Pharmacy Seminar- JFPS

10.  American College of Surgeons – TQIP Annual Scientific Meeting and Training


1. Hearth, Patio & Barbeque Expo – HPBA


Commencing between March 13-16, 2019 in Dallas, it is a great place to find opportunities and connect with 4500+ visitors and more than 375 exhibitors.

Famously known as the biggest outdoor/ indoor living show, this event enables the business enterprises to build viable connections with resources comprising designers and manufacturers and put forth their unique brand solutions to their immediate business challenges.

Participants can find the best kinds of hearth products, casual furniture, accessories, and barbeques in one place, and get in touch with some of the leading emerging designers and manufacturers from across the country.

Hosting a wide array of seminars and educational sessions, this trade show event is must-attend one for brands seeking to find productive avenues to announce their brand existence, augment their brand value proposition, learn latest market trends and generate multiple business leads.


2. KnowledgeLab – Clinical Laboratory Management Association – CLMA


Held on an annual basis, this trade show event is commencing from March 31 to April 03, 2019 in Dallas inviting an attendance of more than 2565 visitors to witness the brand offerings of more than 400 exhibitors in the United States of America.

Gather on a single platform to meet with your prospects like laboratory professionals, managers, consultants, and business analysts to expand your brand outreach and build maximum networking opportunities.

This event provides a lucrative opportunity for your marketing professionals to demonstrate your brand excellence before professionals and hold discussions to understand the latest technological advancements and developments in the concerned fields of the industry verticals.

Most of the exhibitors will get a wonderful chance to display their products and services of interest and attend webinars.

Knowledge Lab

3. American Thoracic Society – ATS


This international trade show event commences from May 17 to 22, 2019 at Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Dallas, Dallas inviting more than 15,500 visitors and 200+ exhibitors to meet on a single platform and hold discussions on multiple areas of interests.

Get a chance to participate in discussions focusing on cardiology, behavioral science, infectious diseases, critical care and much more with a panel of pulmonary, critical care and sleep professionals and experts.

Connect with the leading medical experts hailing from the health industry, build your network, and create a base for building business alliances with your targeted audience.



4. RDH Under One Roof


With an estimated count of 1500 professional visitors and around 125 exhibitors, RDH starts from July 21 to August 02, 2019 at Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center, Grapevine that is closely located to Dallas.

An event offering high-quality education on dental hygiene, this event features workshops on oral pathology, geriatric, disease management, pharmacology, medical screening and a lot more.

It attracts medical professionals including dental hygienists, specialists, trainers, and enthusiasts from not the only USA, but all across the world. Showcasing various industry-specific solutions, the participating brands get a chance to meet with leading industry experts, decision makers and business professionals to explore the crossover marketing opportunities and build their brand value proposition.

Get hands-on experience and engage with leading speakers presiding over 40 conference sessions and build your network across the industry verticals.



5. The Great American Trucking Show – GATS


Scheduled to be held from August 22 to 24, 2019 at Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Dallas, Dallas, this annual trade show event attracts a visitor profile of approximately 48,500 with more than 500 exhibitors showcasing their brand expertise.

Meet with the automotive industry professionals from across the country on a single platform to enhance your business opportunities. Meet with your trucking contemporaries to get the latest insights on everything related to the industry such as engines, trucks, components, and a lot more.

Connect with your targeted prospects face-to-face without encountering any hindrance, explore opportunities to develop your business, promote your brand philosophy, get active media attention, provide effective and unique solutions to your visitors’ challenges and find innovative avenues to generate successive business leads for your business development.


American Trucking show


6. FSTEC – Foodservice Technology Conference & Showcase


Attracting an audience of more than 1000 visitors and 150+ exhibitors, this event is scheduled to be held between September 08-10, 2019, at Hilton Anatole, Dallas and caters to the technical and foodservice industry.

It is the place where technology and restaurants meet and discuss avenues to take their business to far-reaching horizons. It provides a great opportunity to the attendees that mainly comprise restaurant owners, IT experts, and engineers to sit together and hold valuable discussions, find competent solutions to contemporary challenges related to security and software development and build a dialogue with the professional decision makers.

Make the most of this unique trade show event by exhibiting in it, and find innovative ways to display your brand offerings, build your brand identity, discover viable networking opportunities and spread your brand philosophy to farthest corners of industry verticals to expand your brand outreach to remote fields.



7. Southwest Dental Conference


Join this trade show event between October 10-11, 2019 at Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Dallas, Dallas along with more than 11,000 visitors and 335+ exhibitors comprising the leading professionals from across the popular international and national dental institutes.

Get introduced to dental specialists and clinicians from across the world on a single podium. Meet your contemporaries from the dentistry communities on a single platform, indulge in an impactful dialogue with them, and build connections with eminent personalities.

Get a chance to walk along with some of the world-famous dentists, learn about the current trends running in the healthcare industry, explore your business options, and develop opportunities to expand your business philosophy to the farthest circles of the industry vertical.


south west dental conference


8. PRINTING UNITED – Speciality Graphic Imaging Association


With an estimated count of more than 24000 visitors and more than 612 brand exhibitors, this trade show is scheduled to commence between October 23-25, 2019 at Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Dallas, Dallas.

It provides access to all the participants to showcase their brand offerings including technologies related to printing, supplies, programming, education, and much more before an array of audience ranging from professional buyers to general spectators.

Get a chance to find everything required to set up your printing business in a single space. Exhibit at the event to connect with buyers and business professionals from across the United States of America.


Printing United


9. Joint Federal Pharmacy Seminar- JFPS


Commencing between October 27-30, 2019 at Hilton Anatole, Dallas, this annual event attracts an attendance of more than 1000 professionals and 125+ exhibitors under a single roof to enable the participants to hold viable discussions related to federal pharmacy industry vertical.

Join the league of biggest industry experts comprising both civil and uniformed pharmacists and take your brand image to far-reaching horizons with exhibiting at the event.

Discover a wide range of solutions with training programs, understand your competition, gather momentum for showcasing your brand offerings, outshine your competition, connect with leading pharmacists and business professionals and generate maximum business leads for your business development.

Make your preparation for participating in this premier event and mark your presence in the trade show event in the most effective way with a designer trade show booth stand.




10. American College of Surgeons – TQIP Annual Scientific Meeting and Training


Drawing an estimated count of 13,000 plus visitors and more than 200 exhibitors, this trade show event commences on November 16-18, 2019 at Hilton Anatole, Dallas. Attracting the local TQIP centers, newly enrolled TQIP centers, and new staff, this trade show event features the current opportunities of leveraging TQIP for your business growth.

Witness the most informative presentations, education and training sessions, and seminars given by industry experts from across the world. Find interesting opportunities to connect with eminent surgeons, build a dialogue with them, learn about the latest technological advancements, build connections, and discover new avenues to make your brand acknowledged among the industry experts.




Exhibit at this vibrant event in Dallas and get a chance to streamline your marketing goals smoothly.

Brands seeking to make it big for their business must choose one or more trade show events listed above and make the most of the opportunity.

Offering opportunities on a wide scale, grab them all by exhibiting at Dallas trade show events. Start planning for your trade show participation today to achieve your targeted trade show goals.