Top 15 Trade Shows in Las Vegas

Top 15 Trade Shows in Las Vegas

The year 2019 saw brands registering great success at trade shows held across the city of Las Vegas. Host to some of the leading institutions in the BFSI industry vertical and some of the top trade show events and venues in the country, Las Vegas offers even bigger and better opportunities to brand marketers to demonstrate their brand potential and expand their outreach.

If you are one of those brand marketing executives looking to scale success with the right choice of trade shows to take place in the city of Las Vegas, we at Exponents, the finest trade show rental booth designers and manufacturers in the country have got you covered with this list. Take a look.

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1.  ASD Las Vegas
2.  National Association of Broadcasters – NAB
3.  ISC West – Security Solutions
4.  OFFPRICE Wholesale Apparel Show
5.  National Hardware Show
6.  JCK Las Vegas
7.  WWIN- WomensWear
8.  CosmoProf North America
9.  Magic – Business of Fashion
10.  IMEX America
11.  Pack Expo Las Vegas
12.  SupplySide West
13.  AGENDA Las Vegas
14.  Commercial UAV Expo Americas
15.  MJBizCon


1. ASD Las Vegas


Known as one of the leading trade shows for user merchandise, the event begins from Feb 28 Mar 03 2021, Las Vegas Convention Center and invites a series of 2800 exhibitors showcasing their brand products and services to more than 40,000 professional and general visitors.

Featuring low priced clothing, electronic products, military items and much more, it provides a lucrative opportunity to manufacturers and retailers to come on a single platform and explore wide networking opportunities.


2. National Association of Broadcasters – NAB


With a frequency of taking place on an annual basis, this event starts from April 10-14, 2021, at Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas with the visitors’ count of over 1 lakh and more than 1700 exhibitors. Catering to the digital media and entertainment industry, the event offers multiple resources to the attendees incorporating workflow solutions, modern gadgets, motion capture devices and a lot more.

It invites media professionals from all across the country to celebrate industry developments and check out the latest market offerings to facilitate themselves. Exhibit at the event to promote your brand awareness among the top-most circles of your targeted audiences and grab opportunities to generate viable business leads for your business growth.


3. ISC West – Security Solutions


The trade show event will start from March 24-26 2021 at Sands Expo & Convention Center, Las Vegas with an estimated count of up to 30,000 professional visitors and 1000+ exhibitors.

Presenting safer solutions to enhance security all across the country and the world, get access to learn new and innovative ideas to enhance your business excellence, collaborate with your targeted business partners, get valuable insights and grab lucrative business opportunities present in the market by participating in this pioneering trade show event.


4. OFFPRICE Wholesale Apparel Show


Next, on the list is the OFFPRICE Wholesale Apparel Show. This trade show is scheduled to take place from September 1-3, 2020 Virtual event.

The trade show promises to witness an assembly of 13, 765 attendees and 525 brand exhibitors for a comprehensive round of dialogue, deliberations, and demonstration of brand offerings and is one of the major industry events taking place in the country this year.

OFFPRICE Wholesale Apparel Show


5. National Hardware Show


Beginning from Sep 01-03 2020, at Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, the expo offers 2800 exhibitors to connect with more than 20,000 visitors. Promoting tools industry, this event demonstrates the latest offerings in hardware technology, services, and products in the respective field.

Discover new networking opportunities at the event, get your brand acknowledged among the circle of industry experts, launch your star products, and grab opportunities to generate business leads on the floor of the event.


6. JCK Las Vegas


Held on an annual basis, the event is going to be started from 4-7 June 2021, Sands Expo Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada attracting an audience of more than 25,000 with 2500+ exhibitors demonstrating their brand excellence.

It invites the biggest and renowned jewelry designers, enthusiasts, business owners, and end users from across the country to showcase the latest jewelry collections, luxury items and build communication channels across the industry verticals. Exhibit at the event to close the gap with your targeted prospects and get access to establish viable networks at the trade show event.

7. WWIN- WomensWear

Next, on the list of the top trade shows in Las Vegas, this year is the WWIN- WomensWear in Nevada.

The trade show is all set to take place from February 15 to 18, 2021 at the Caesars Forum, Las Vegas, Nevada. The trade show is poised to witness an assembly of 7,700 attendees and 480 brand exhibitors.

With dedicated sessions on keynote addresses, product demonstrations and access to educational content, the trade show promises to open up exciting new avenues for business development, professional networking and learning.


8. CosmoProf North America


Starting from 26-28 June 2021 at Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas, the event features a profile of 36000 visitors and 1400 exhibitors. CosmoProf is one of the leading beauty event catering to the sections of business professionals providing them with unique opportunities to reach their trade goals with trade show participation.

The event enables your brand to discover new opportunities for building alliances, make collaborations, and display your unique brand products and services to an audience of national and international visitors. The event gathers support from the leading beauty industries and eminent professionals to contribute towards the benefits of upcoming beauty brands in North America.


9. Magic – Business of Fashion


This bi-annual trade show event is canceled the upcoming September 30 – October 2, 2020, live event in Las Vegas all set to attract more than 6000 visitors and 500+ exhibitors to meet and connect with professional fashion experts from across the world. It offers a lucrative opportunity to the emerging fashion designers and business owners to showcase their brand offering before a wide array of audiences.

While exploring new trends in the fashion industry on the floor of the event, get a chance to discover new business partners, find effective and innovative solutions and build alliances with your targeted prospects to make your business reach remote places effortlessly.


10. IMEX America


Beginning from November 09-11, 2021, the annual trade show event is going to be held at Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas attracting the attention of 50,000 visitors and 500+ exhibitors.

Discover an opportunity to forge new business connections, learn new and innovative technologies about US meeting market, and meet with the renowned industry experts under one roof. The major exhibitors at the event comprise ground agents, trade associations, international and national tourist officers, destination management companies and much more.


11. Pack Expo Las Vegas


Commencing from September 27 -29 2021 at Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, this event sends an invite to more than 50,000 visitors and 500+ exhibitors. Popular as the renowned trade show event for packaging products, accessories, and supplies, it invites eminent people from all across the world to connect under a single roof, and learn about the latest innovations in the concerned industry verticals.

Get a chance to attend instructive sessions featuring international instructors presenting informative lessons in food, logistics and packaging industry verticals.


12. SupplySide West


Taking place at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas from October 25- 28, 2021, it presents an opportunity to more than 500 exhibitors to showcase their brand offerings before an attendance of 20,000+ visitors. The event allows visitors to find productive and effective personal care, food supplements, sports-specific nutritious food, beverages, and much more.

Participate in this event to provide effective solutions to your targeted audience with your unique brand products and items.


13. AGENDA Trade Show Las Vegas

Next on this list of the top trade shows in Las Vegas this year is the AGENDA Trade Show Las Vegas. The trade show is all set to take place from February 17-18, 2021 at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas.


14. Commercial UAV Expo Americas


Being one of the premier trade shows and conferences in North America, the Commercial UAV Expo mainly highlights commercial drone integration and operations from industries such as construction, forestry & agriculture, mining & aggregates, security, surveying & mapping, energy & utilities, etc.

This global trade show brings together various components and sensor manufacturers, drone airframe manufacturers, service companies and software developers from all across the globe. In addition, the Drone World Expo Las Vegas has the maximum number of global trade show participants than any other commercial drone show.


15. MJBizCon – National Marijuana Business Conference & Expo


Commencing its operations from December 02-04, 2021 at Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas with a whopping audience of more than 2 lakh and 500+ exhibitors, the event is a must-visit for all the brands hailing from the concerned industry verticals.

This trade show event focusses on the future prospects of the cannabis industry and it attracts a wide array of audience ranging from buyers, retailers, business professionals, and end-users. The event offers the participants to showcase their brand offerings including innovative products and cutting-edge technologies to their targeted prospects and make big gains instantly.

With the above list in hindsight, start preparing for your trade show participation in Las Vegas now. Begin with choosing the best trade show booth development company in Las Vegas to make the process easier and smooth for your marketing team. We wish you great luck with your future business endeavors.