50×50 Trade Show Booths and Exhibit Displays

Your participation in a specialized and well-publicized convention is an unbeatable way of telling your customers that you are serious about your commitment to your brand, products, and the company’s future.

However, even the biggest startups are unsure about investing thousands of dollars in creating a one-time use 50×50 booth display from scratch. Once the event is done and dusted, the booth would have served its purpose, but its overhead costs like storage and maintenance would keep on accumulating in the future, too!

Showcase Your Brand Value with Our 50×50 Trade Show Booths

This is where the Exponents team comes in. With over 30 years in the trade show business, we specialize in building 50×50 custom trade show exhibits that not only help you meet your event goals but also create a special connection with your target audience that lasts long after the event is over.

So, how do we get started? Well, with your vision for the convention – are you looking to launch a new product? Are you looking to generate fresh leads? Did your company go through a recent rebranding exercise? From here on, you can choose one of two alternatives:


The Booth Finder

Our patented app takes your team through more than 500 of our award-winning in-house designs to help you find one that fits your specific needs. Once you find something that you like, we will customize it to showcase your brand’s prowess.


Build from Scratch

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind experience for your customers and have been putting together ideas around the same, we have you covered there, too! Tell us your wildest 50×50 trade show booth ideas and watch as we transform your dreams into reality.

Reasons to Choose Us as Your 50×50 Trade Show Booth Builders

Don’t we always feel that it is the lack of space that limits us creatively? But, and perhaps unsurprisingly, we have seen the reverse also being true. A large booth may seem like the perfect setup to let our imagination take flight.

Instead, the limitless possibilities tend to actually overwhelm everyone and leave them with a feeling of somehow not utilizing it the way it is meant to be.

That’s where our professional eye can make all the difference. When designing your50×50 trade show display, we place our focus firmly on meeting your goals and let every idea flow from there.

Once we know your core customer base, our market research process kicks in to understand them at a much deeper level. Understanding their likes and dislikes, their preferences in technology, their response to a competing startup dealing with similar business processes, and more.

This understanding then becomes central to every50×50 booth design decision we take related to look and feel, graphics, and more.

Our discussions with you help us create a central theme to the entire proceeding, so that when a customer walks in, they get the feel of a brand that is confident in its space.

We can build on either a bold “take no prisoners” approach, or a more sophisticated “been there done that” setup. The primary color scheme used in your booth will build on this theme along with promoting your brand colors.

Everything eventually comes down to communication. We will ensure that your customers do not walk out of the50×50 exhibit booth without hearing your pitch.

We can build in various arrangements that keep them engaged and focused on your brand. Private meeting spaces to meet with your important customers, comfortable demo workstations where visitors can try out your product firsthand, virtual/augmented reality booths, specially demarcated gaming zones where you can hold contests or giveaways, will all assist you in promoting an open and friendly vibe.

Your booth will be created using environment-friendly, lightweight, and easily maintainable materials like fabrics which provide us with flexibility on the look and feel and allow us to create mind-boggling designs.

Easy to install and easy to pack-up and go, yourportable 50×50 trade show boothcan be easily shipped to any part of the country on a moment’s notice. You can also retain the same basic setup while making small changes to your displays between different conventions.

Create Lasting Connections with our 50×50 Trade Show Displays

We firmly believe in the adage, “substance over style”. Displays that are focused on simply wowing the customer might get you some footfall, but even the more ardent attendees would be hard-pressed to place you after the event.

That is why our approach to designing your 50×50 trade show display will involve a deeper connect with your audience that includes:

Your Brand’s Journey

There is something about your journey with your startup that defines you. A story around those events that transformed your thoughts and allowed you to take that leap into the unknown.

That’s the story your audience needs to know. Our references to your journey will help your customers relate to you on an emotional level.

How Your Product is Created

A product put on display and portrayed as a centerpiece to your entire messaging is definitely effective. However, to a consumer, this product represents an unknown entity that he can learn to use but is unable to bond with.

Videos, displays, or demonstrations that provide your visitors with a sneak peek behind the scenes allows them to relate to your product on a more personal level.

Your Visitor’s Comfort

We believe that the best 50×50 trade show booth would focus not just on overt messaging, but also on the little details that separate an amateur from a professional. When a visitor walks into your booth, he is probably exhausted and overwhelmed by the crowded event venue.

Your booth will be created to have specially designed “empty spaces”, where attendees can relax and refresh themselves. With workstations and meeting spaces designed with emphasis on comfort, you will find that your audience is engaged and enthusiastic about your pitch.

A Multi-Sensory Appeal

Every decision of ours is built around maximizing the impact of your messaging and providing the ideal environment for your team to build connects with visitors. This requires the creation of an immersive environment where every sense is on fire.

We start with spectacular lighting that creates just the right mood for your presentations and draws customers’ eyes to all the right places within your space. Live walls with floral arrangements, overhead ceiling designs, video back-walls, and more will entice every person stepping foot in the booth.

What Makes Us Unique for 50×50 Trade Show Booths

Having worked with over 18,000 customers, including some of the biggest brands in the market today, the Exponents team of passionate, talented, and dedicated designers, builders, managers, and ground staff is ready to handle anything that you can throw at us.

Your 50×50 trade show booths come with a promise of cutting-edge designs, impeccable workmanship, pocket-friendly pricing, and world-class service.

Open Pricing

We are among the only companies in the market to offer open-ended pricing. Once our preliminary discussions give us a clear understanding of your requirements, we can provide you with an upfront price along with a minute breakup.

There will be absolutely no last-minute additions during the build process or after the event. So, you can lock in your budgetary requirements early on and relax!

100% Pre-Build Promise

During the design stage itself, our team will provide you with 3D mockups of your booth and displays so that you can clearly visualize the final product. But we also go one better. We promise to give you a sneak peek of your final booth several weeks before the event.

You can take a walkthrough of the setup, plan your product and staff placement, and best of all, request any changes or additions well in time for D-Day!

Project Management

Right off the bat, we will assign a full-time project manager to your 50×50 trade show booths. They will be tasked with creating a detailed timeline for your entire build process and minutely monitoring the schedule and budget every step of the way.

They will provide you with regular status updates and take care of query handling and communication with your core team.

Administrative Responsibilities

Our turnkey services are meant to take care of everything from start to finish so that you are free to focus on creating effective messaging and training your staff for the event. While our in-house designers and architects will visualize and create your dream booth, it is our ground staff that will take care of everything else.

Shipping and handling are our responsibilities, and we will be on-hand to both install and dismantle your setup during the event. The team will also be there to take care of any unforeseen eventualities during the convention.

We would love to hear from you!