20×40 Trade Show Booths and Exhibit Displays

Exhibiting at tradeshows comes with a number of benefits. Be it a small business or a well-established one, it gives companies an equal platform to showcase the potential of their brand to the world, meet new customers, and also reach out to existing ones.

Many businesses decline the opportunity to participate in events like these, though – mainly because it involves months of planning and brainstorming and often turns out to be an expensive affair. However, when you hit the right strategy on the head with the help of a professional partnership with experts like Exponents, it becomes really, really easy to turn that trade show into a lucrative experience for your brand.

But this can only happen if you pay special heed to the display you pick for the show. Depending on your goals and vision, a 20×40 trade show booth will offer everything you could possibly need to promote your products and services effectively. Massive square footage? Check. Access to attendees from all sides? Check. Flexibility in terms of layout and design? Check. Unlimited possibilities mired only by your imagination? You know it.

Discover the Convenience of Our Portable 20×40 Trade Show Booths

Trade show displays come in a broad variety of shapes and sizes, each one serving a different purpose for the brand it represents. If you’re a frequent exhibitor,portable trade show booths 20×40 from Exponents are an ideal choice.

Especially considering all the variables involved in trade show planning that could potentially result in a lot of stress and headache, you need something that takes things off your plate instead of piling them on and simplifies your exhibiting experience. For this purpose, a 20×40 portable booth is a perfect contender.

Along with life-simplification, here are some more advantages you can enjoy just by opting for a portable20×40 exhibit booth:

Portable trade show displays actually help your company save a ton of money. Often, booth rental companies tend to charge you for installation and dismantling, and this price is based on the size of your exhibit (in this case, it is as gigantic as 20×40) – which is where portable displays take the cake.

Because the fabric used is commonly thin and flexible, it can be folded down to a tiny fraction of its full size, thus making transport significantly more effortless. And since you are saving all that money on conveyance, you can redirect it towards other aspects of your marketing strategy.

Portable20×40 trade show booths are an amazing way to save time. You won’t have to waste any of it over installation because it takes very little time to assemble them.

Portable20×40 trade show booths are an amazing way to save time. You won’t have to waste any of it over installation because it takes very little time to assemble them.

Portable 20×40 trade show booths are lightweight and can be carried around for all your different trade shows. They are characteristically lighter than full-sized displays, so much so that they can be lugged around in an SUV.

With the experts at Exponents looking after the logistics, you don’t have to worry about any wear-and-tear because all our booths are made using only high-quality materials.

Just because you are opting for a portable 20×40 display doesn’t mean you have only a limited amount of options to choose from.

We have a wide variety of designs and layouts in our arsenal that are waiting to be explored by your marketing team. These include everything from banner stands to tabletop displays and even pop-up displays.

Explore Our End-to-End Services for Your 20×40 Trade Show Display

Over the last 30 years, Exponents has established and maintained a reputation for designing, building, and delivering high-quality 20×40 custom trade show exhibits.

If you avail of our turnkey services, the one thing we can confidently promise you is a stress-free exhibiting experience. Once the design, budget, and timeline of the booth have been finalized, you can sit back, relax, and leave the rest to us.

These are just a few of the things we will take care of when working on your project:

Peace-of-Mind Booth Builds

Once you get in touch with us for your requirements and we flesh out all the details, we will give you an exact costing on the very same day.

We don’t like to play games with our clients, which is why we won’t present you with an estimate and eventually tack on hidden charges at the end of the show. Whatever your budget is, we’ll work around it right from the get-go and deliver the best that money can buy.

End-to-End Project Management

Every trade show involves a lot of hard work and dedication, and that’s the reason we assign a dedicated project manager to take care of all your tradeshow-related requirements.

The manager will be there every step of the process to guide you and update you about the happenings of your booth. Right from giving you a timeline to bringing your booth to life, the manager will be at your service 24×7.

Fantastic Booth Designs

We have a large collection of about 500 pre-built designs that you could choose from. However, if you have a different design in mind, you could let us know and we will customize your booth to fit your needs in the best way possible.

Delivery and Installation

Like we said, our promise is to give you a completely hassle-free experience. And as a part of that, we will look after every logistical requirement right from delivery to the assembly and dismantling of your 20×40 exhibit booth.

In fact, we won’t budge from your side until the show is over and the curtains fall, just in case something happens to go awry and demands professional assistance. Meanwhile, you can just enjoy the show and concentrate on giving your visitors an unforgettable experience.

Showcase Your Brand with the Best 20×40 Trade Show Booths

Most brands flock to trade shows with the intention of articulating who they are and what they have to offer. The way you plan your exhibit will be the main determinant of the purchasing decisions people make after visiting your 20×40 trade show booth.

If a visitor enjoys that experience, he or she is more likely to remember you and even invest in your products and services in the future. However, if you fail to create any level of impact, they will not trust your brand enough to associate with it further. Because this is quite a risky ballgame, and the investment is too high to gamble, it is entirely sensible to take professional help from specialists who have been an integral part of the industry for years and know the lay of the land.

When you partner with us, you won’t just be receiving a stunningly-crafted 20×40 trade show display – you will also be signing up for a consistent volley of stirring ideas and recommendations that will help you put your most capable foot forward. Here are just a few ways in which you can use our 20×40 trade show booth ideas to present your brand as you want the world to see it:

Ensure You Put Up the Right Information

An imperative part of using 20×40 trade show booths to showcase your brand is to make sure the right information is conveyed to potential customers. With the extent of space on hand, you can easily give them all the information they need to know, no more or less.

Communicate things like who you are, what your products and services offer, where you are located, and how visitors can get in touch with you in the future. We will ensure that your signage boldly displays these particulars and is easy to spot from a considerable distance at a crowded trade show.

Use Quality Media to Engage Your Audience

Choosing the right kind of media for your 20×40 booth design is key for any display. When we design your booth, we make sure to look at aspects like logos, images, and advertisements that best represent your brand’s essence.

We believe less is usually more when it comes to graphics, which is why we simply pick a few important points of your products or services, or perhaps even your company’s mission statement, to shine the spotlight on and attract the audience’s attention.

Use a Portable Trade Show Display to Maximize Your Networking Capability

There is no better method to network and grow your business than at a trade show. Use your portable 20×40 trade show booth as a conference or meeting area to draw visitors in and encourage them to explore your offerings.

This is also a great tactic to reach out to your existing clients and find out how you could serve them better.

Use a Design that Complements the Graphics Well

Picking the right design and layout of your 20×40 booth display is important for the success of your exhibit. Consider a design that complements the graphics you have in mind for the display.

Since we appreciate the gravity of this step, it is one of the first things we take care of during our orientation process by getting to know your brand, needs, goals, and marketing objectives. Only then do we begin to incorporate details into the overarching design, ensuring it blends well with the graphics and imagery.

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