We create beautiful, demand-driving trade show display rentals that boost foot traffic and drive quality leads to your business.

We’ve simplified the complex development process and made event logistics and trade show display rental easier than ever. We enable unique, engaging trade show experiences at a higher value than the competition. Our design and development experts work closely with you
through every step of planning and execution.

  • Our design and development experts work closely with you through every step of planning and execution.

  • Our dedicated, experienced team knows the keys & pitfalls of the trade show rental process.

  • We take the burden of logistical details off your shoulders.

  • Transparent pricing means you can compare upfront and judge value without wasting time.

  • Shrink your exhibit planning cycle from months to days.

  • Our simple rental & development process makes event logistics simple for you and your marketing team.

  • On-site success managers ensure a smooth show and handle technical questions and execution issues.

  • Our engaging booths deliver quality leads that your sales team can close into customers.

Our Work

  • 20x50 Custom Booth Design @ Money 2020, Las Vegas
    20'x50' Trade show Rental Exhibit
  • trade show booth custom design
    20x20 Custom Rental Exhibit
  • Binding Site
    30'x50' Custom Rental Booth
  • You are attending for the first time and you are not sure of your returns from the show. After all, you don’t know how much investment in an owned booth is worth setting aside.

  • You live in one part of the world and the tradeshow is happening in another extreme corner. The cost of shipping your existing booth can exceed the returns from the fair. Locally renting a booth could be wiser.

  • Your brand is rapidly growing and your marketing messages keep changing. If you don’t want to be stuck with one themed display, an exhibit rental will allow you to work with a new story each time.

  • You are not a frequent exhibitor and you won’t be able to reap the benefits of a custom exhibit over its lifetime. A trade show display rental can keep your liabilities in check.

  • You are falling short of budget for a custom booth but you don’t want to compromise on impact. A trade show rental booths can do it for you without burning a hole in your pocket.

  • You are just a few weeks away from the convention and you do not have the time to build a booth from scratch. Trade show exhibit rentals can be availed as off-the-shelf solutions and can be ready for shipment in no time.

Choose a design to suit your purpose

Our consultants will sit across with you to understand your goal and your budget. Depending on the size you have booked at the show, they will show you a range of design choices. If you like one of them, they will tell you what is possible and what is not from a customization point of view. All the agreed changes to the design will be duly noted and communicated to the creative team

Approve your custom look

We will fetch your brand collaterals and will map it to the selected booth design. Your key visuals will be brought alive graphically. The 3D renders of the customized rental exhibit booth will be shown to you. We understand that nobody knows your brand as you do. So, we will be happy to accommodate as many changes as may be needed to meet your communication goals.

Watch the design come alive

The ball will be set in action. The graphics will be printed. The exhibit design will be tweaked at the factory to meet the agreed custom look. The trade show displays will be assembled for one close look. If you are near us geographically, you can come down to see it before it is shipped. Alternatively, we can arrange to send you pictures from every angle so you can visualize the final output.

Let us do the complete leg work

Exponents will ship the booth to the city of the tradeshow. We can store it at our warehouse until the day of the event. On the d-day, the booth will be brought to the site and will be assembled to look exactly as envisaged. All you have to do is be there with your staff to give a great presentation. Once the show is over, we will take down the display and bring it back to our warehouse.

Let us know the way forward and close the project

Should you intend to use it again, we can keep it for you in our warehouse. If you don’t want to go for the same design next time, we will tear it down and mark the project closed.