All-Inclusive, Fixed Price Custom Las Vegas Trade Show Booth Rentals

Don’t you just hate when trade show booth rental companies promise one thing and deliver something totally different? So do we. That’s why we founded Exponents, a full-service trade show booth design and build company. Our mission is to take a headache out of trade show display rentals. Our team handles every single aspect of booth design, setup, show admin, delivery, takedown, and storage.

Full Service

Booth delivery, build,
breakdown and show management,
all rolled into one

On Budget

No-nonsense pricing and
quotes. What we quote is what
you pay. Because we’re not into
a budget creep, either.

What is Unique?

Our 100% Pre-Build Promise.
Weeks before the ‘real’ build – we pre-build your
stand within our pre-build zone at our factory
with every single detail completed,
exactly as you would want it on your shows first open day.

See How It Works

Select a booth package 

Peace-of-mind booth builds

End-to-end project management

No-sweat delivery and installation




From 2000 sqft custom rental booth to 200 sqft modular rental booth, we do it all!


Add dimension to your next trade show event in Las Vegas with best in class trade show exhibits from one of the top Las Vegas exhibit companies, the Exponents. With 30 years of experience and exposure to collaborating with brands for trade show exhibits across 50 locations in the United States of America, we are rated among the top Las Vegas trade show booth builders.

With our exhibit rentals in Las Vegas, we make your trade show participation experience in Las Vegas as effortless as it gets. Transcend challenges of visitor engagement, tight timelines, concurrent shows and uncertainties in prices of trade show display, with our range of more than 500 standardized designs.

Deploy the best looking exhibit rentals in Las Vegas to attract the attention of visitors. Lean on our indigenous booth manufacturing technology and ace team of designers to get you high-performance trade show exhibits that are unique and reflect your brand value proposition. Receive complete On-site support from our staff team for the installation, on-site supervision and dismantling of the trade show expo rental.


At Exponents, we take pride in being able to win the trust of marketing executives of top brands in the world and in the United States to address their requirements of exhibit rentals in Las Vegas. We are rated one of the top Las Vegas exhibit companies because:
  • Indigenous Booth Manufacturing Technology

    We leverage our indigenous booth manufacturing technology so that you get access to a world class trade show exhibit rental to attract visitors and generate leads

  • Color Coding

    With our high quality color coding, we maintain the same color scheme across all brand accessories and trade show exhibits for a seamless brand experience for visitors.

  • Transparent Pricing

    We offer you fixed price designs for trade show exhibit rentals thereby giving you a committed price-performance metric to lean on. We don’t deduct anything more than the costs committed to you.

  • On-Time Delivery

    With our process discipline you are on track for the trade show and ready for a great trade show participation experience.

  • Affordable and Reusable

    We offer you affordable and reusable trade show exhibits that can be re-deployed across events in the business calendar.

  • On-Site Support

    You don’t have to raise a finger. Hire our team for the installation, supervision and dismantling of your exhibit rentals in Las Vegas.


At Exponents, we have the experience of collaborating with industry leading brands for trade shows in Las Vegas. Having enabled brands achieve their targeted marketing goals with our offerings of exhibit rentals in Las Vegas, we guarantee that none of the Las Vegas exhibit companies understand the trade show landscape of the city like us.

The city of Las Vegas is one of the most mature and sought after trade show destinations in the United States of America. With a booming local economy that is anchored by the industry verticals of tourism, entertainment and hospitality and great transportation system, the city of Las Vegas offer the perfect setting for a trade show for visitors and participating brands.

Offering air connectivity to the city of Las Vegas is the McCarran International Airport that handles the domestic and international flights. Augmenting the profile of the city as a potential trade show business hub is the presence of a multitude of world-class trade show and convention centers.

Some of the major trade show and convention venues in Las Vegas are as follows: MGM Grand Conference Center, the Aria Meeting & Convention Center, the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, the Sands Expo & Convention Center and the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Riding on the back of favorable factors such as excellent trade show centers, global and local connectivity and the booming local economy, Las Vegas attracts brands and visitors to trade shows in huge numbers every year.


Las Vegas as a trade show destination holds promise and enables participant brands an opportunity to showcase their offerings and value proposition to a target audience of visitors consisting of top professionals from the industry vertical, business operators, corporate executives, influencers, distributors and retailers. Given the promise of a high return on investment, scaling success in Las Vegas still poses challenges.

First, Las Vegas being a highly sought after trade show destination and having an active calendar, it is only prudent on the part of marketing executives to settle for nothing but the best quality of exhibit rentals in Las Vegas.

Second, Las Vegas attracts brands galore and deploying a standard booth design for trade show display can at best deliver an at-par performance. Marketing executives need to look for cutting edge trade show exhibits rental that are designed on the latest frontiers of innovation and imagination.

Third, despite the heavy footfall, the flow is rapid and attracting visitors and building dialogue with them calls for meticulous planning of the floor plan.

Fourth, demonstrating offerings to an audience of Las Vegas calls for the creation of immersive experiences to able to retain brand memory post the event.


Given the lucrative proposition offered by trade shows in Las Vegas, it is only prudent for marketing executives of participating brands to collaborate with those Las Vegas trade show booth builders that offer a value proposition beyond the standard exhibit rentals.

At Exponents, our consulting team with unparalleled institutional memory and implicit knowledge of the evolving trends of the trade show landscape of Las Vegas recommend that your marketing team have access to the following solutions before venturing for your participation in the trade show in Las Vegas:

  • On-Budget Trade Show Exhibits Rental Designs
  • Adaptive Trade Show Exhibits Rental Design Capabilities
  • Project Management with Process Discipline
  • Support for Trade Show Documentation and Form Filling



At Exponents, we offer end to end services of design, build and delivery of your trade show exhibits rental and dedicated project management to streamline the entire project into defined stages with timelines and deliverables.

We assign you a dedicated project manager to engage with your marketing team and understand your requirements. He seeks your inputs, understands the profile of the trade show that you are participating in and offers consulting on the road ahead based on your requirements of exhibit rentals in Las Vegas and your brand value proposition.

You get to explore more than 500 pre-built and fixed price designs for your trade show display rental in Las Vegas. Each of these designs are conceptualized by our team of ace designers with a wealth of experience and expertise at working with the most valuable brands from across the world.

Lean on our indigenous booth manufacturing technology to get access to a high-performance trade show display rental in Las Vegas that is imprinted with large-scale brand graphic and content in the most vibrant colors that reflect your brand image.

We stage your trade show exhibits rental first at our workshop and then at your place so that you get to visualize the build of your exhibit rentals in Las Vegas against your requirements and our committed design and quality standards to steer clear of last minute bottlenecks.

Receive complete on-ground support from our staff team at Exponents for the installation, supervision and dismantling of your exhibit rentals in Las Vegas.


At Exponents, we offer adaptive designs for your exhibit rentals in Las Vegas. To begin with, we offer you more than 500 pre-built designs for your exhibit rentals. Each of these designs is products of immense experience and expertise of our team of ace designers.

You may seek to add some custom features and extended functionalities to your exhibit rentals. We collaborate with you so to integrate your inputs of custom features into our standardized trade show exhibit rental designs.

You may opt for a trade show exhibit rental design that is absolutely unique and fresh. Our project manager and design team shall collaborate with you to design your trade show rental exhibit from scratch and meet every custom requirement of yours.



Of all Las Vegas trade show booth builders, we at Exponents are the only exclusive ones to offer you pre-committed and fixed prices on our range of exhibit rentals in Las Vegas. Yes, with our open and transparent pricing we enable your marketing team to venture into the trade show with a complete vision of the road ahead.

Our open and fixed prices on trade show display rental in Las Vegas enables you to work towards your goals with a budget in mind, stay on top of the financial planning and control costs. You also get to match the price-performance ratio of each of our designs of trade show display rentals in Las Vegas. With us what you see is what you pay. With our fixed prices on trade show display rentals in Las Vegas your marketing teams stands to benefit in the following ways:


  • Work Towards an End in Sight: We disclose the prices of our trade show rental exhibits so that your marketing team can work towards your goals with an end in sight, i.e. return on investment and outlay.
  • Precise Value Proposition: Your marketing team gets a precise estimate of the costs and the corresponding deliverables. With Exponents, you pay for performance that is certain, not for volatility.
  • Rationalize Costs: We understand that a trade show participation in Las Vegas is a costly project. We empower you with information on the financial scope of your project so that you can allocate financial resources to address other requirements of your trade show.

Our trade show displays Las Vegas make your products and services worth visiting, despite the other convention exhibits. Las Vegas is an intimidating place to hold a convention. Here, various meetings and conventions have teams that constantly come up with creative efforts in keeping Las Vegas the primary location for corporate meeting organizers and show producers. Because of the efforts of these teams, Las Vegas is now the world’s leading venue for incentive programs, meetings, trade shows, and conventions. The Cashman Center and the Las Vegas Convention Center are only two of the venues that host these crucial events.

It is tedious to place your brand in a convention or event. Oftentimes, business owners end up frantic, stressed, and frustrated because of the small errors and oversight. Helpful exhibit rental companies like Exponents is always ready to make things easier for you. They even have Las Vegas trade show rental exhibits to assist your brand even more.

Exponents can help your business stand out in any convention or event. Here are some of their services that can provide you that coveted advantage:

1. Installation, Dismantle, and Shipping. To have your business seen at a venue or event, your booth has to be set up or taken down without any fuss or difficulty. It is time consuming and worrisome to do this on your own. Most of the time, certain additions and items are left at home or lost all of a sudden. It is vital to have someone else take care of your trade show display. Exponents has an expert team that takes care of the storage, the transport, and the storage of your trade show display or trade show displays. All you need to do is concentrate on your products.

2. Audio Visual. Exponents has a state of the art audio and visual equipment to accompany your exhibit. Their lights and sounds are guaranteed to attract your target guests. With cool visual and audio stimulation, you can attract more guests and even convince some of them to become your clients. If your guests like your brand’s appearance and packaging through your booth, then look forward to more positive feedback and business transactions in your company’s future.

3. Onsite Supervision and Storage. It is a given that someone has to watch over your booth. That is why Exponents offers on-site storage and supervision of your trade show display. You won’t have any worries or anxieties about it and just focus on your presentation.


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