All-Inclusive, Fixed Price Custom Orlando Trade Show Booth Rentals

Don’t you just hate when trade show booth rental companies promise one thing and deliver something totally different? So do we. That’s why we founded Exponents, a full-service trade show booth design and build company. Our mission is to take a headache out of trade show display rentals. Our team handles every single aspect of booth design, setup, show admin, delivery, takedown, and storage.

Full Service

Booth delivery, build,
breakdown and show management,
all rolled into one

On Budget

No-nonsense pricing and
quotes. What we quote is what
you pay. Because we’re not into
a budget creep, either.

What is Unique?

Our 100% Pre-Build Promise.
Weeks before the ‘real’ build – we pre-build your
stand within our pre-build zone at our factory
with every single detail completed,
exactly as you would want it on your shows first open day.

See How It Works

Select a booth package 

Peace-of-mind booth builds

End-to-end project management

No-sweat delivery and installation




From 2000 sqft custom rental booth to 200 sqft modular rental booth, we do it all!

We deliver sophisticated yet affordable exhibit rentals in Orlando

Our hard-working team designs captivating trade show rental booths in Orlando that guarantee results and take off the burden of owning and managing an asset.

If you are unsure of taking the gallant step of investing in booth architecture and accessories, our exhibit rentals will let you display in a professional ambiance with customization at remarkably low cost.

Coming with modularity and flexibility options, these designs can be effortlessly put up, managed and moved to several locations. If you’re new to the world of exhibitions, then rental solutions are perfect and Exponents’ trade show booth rentals in Orlando will surely boost your marketing plans at a minor cost.

Why choose exponents for Orlando Trade Show Displays Rental?

With just 13 miles away from Orlando Convention Center, we are a vast network of professionals who can deliver stunning Orlando trade show display rental at surprisingly low costs.

Our team understands your brand essence and offers turnkey custom booth rentals in Orlando with a differentiated feel to give you an edge over your competitors. If you despise me-too displays that cost a bomb, let Exponents partner you in your journey and amaze you with affordable out of the box innovative solutions.

Conventions in Orlando, Florida

Orlando tradeshow booth rentals are very helpful in making convention exhibits pop even more. Conventions are held in Orlando all throughout the year. Various companies and organizations take advantage of the great amenities of Orlando’s convention centers and halls, such as the Orlando Orange County Convention Center.

Enjoy substantial savings with booth rentals in Orlando, FL

If you are a prudent exhibitor browsing through exhibit rentals in Orlando for substantial savings, then look no further. Exponents have the know-how of over 30 years and have the wherewithal to deliver out of the box rental solutions that are aesthetically great and financially wise. We have partnered 18,000 plus clients worldwide for exhibit display rentals in Orlando and have delivered to their full satisfaction.

Standing out in a trade show is getting harder and harder. There are gimmicks, there are industry stunts, and there are product placements. Through all of these, it is important that the booth look as if it was custom designed for the particular exhibit. A custom design has a feeling of being unique and never before seen. It also brings a certain attraction for the target market, where they can identify with the product being promoted.

An exhibit booth in a large trade show has to compete for attention among the hundreds of booths, for thousands of eyeball shares. There is always the desire to make things attractive, unique, present the product’s value proposition, and at the same time, it should capture the visitor’s imagination.

Of course, some designs are derivative or have basic lines inherited from others. It is understandable that any attempt at drama would have inspiration from others. Frank Lloyd Wright or Bauhaus furniture are just some designs which have stood the test of time, as you see recurring design themes. Putting a fresh spin on these designs is not easy. It takes time and resources.

If you have ever been to a trade show, you would know that logistics takes a lot of resources. If you have to bring your booth with you, halfway across the nation, it might not be cost-effective for you. In some instances, the cost of the booth as well as transporting it might be prohibitive. You might attract a large crowd but the transport budget might not even be worth the whole thing.

Custom Orlando trade show display rentals can take care of the booth creation, according to your specifications. You would make an impact, you can attract your target visitors, you can deliver your message, but without the huge cost of designing, building and transporting a whole booth. Orlando is one of the largest convention and trade show cities. We know what makes a booth tick.

If you do not have a design, we can make one for you. It is so easy to design your own booth with the help of our comprehensive trade show booth selector. We have clients fly into Orlando, with their booths ready, and all they have to do is attend. We have a proven track record speaking well for our experience in customizing booths for our clients.

Our trade booth solutions follow high customer standards, and yet we these are affordable for any serious trade show participant. We have high standards of quality when it comes to manufacturing booths. We care for what the customer wants. We take the time to understand what your product is all about. Brand essence is something that you would want a booth to have. That is what we deliver.

There are hundreds of trade shows every year across the country. For those who attend trade shows for a living, there is such a thing as fatigue. At some point, they all look the same. However, it just so happens that these same professionals are the ones you need to seek approval from. We can catch their attention at an affordable cost to your trade show exhibit booth. We guarantee viewership, attention and subsequent sales.

Over the years of our operations, we have partnered with more than 18,000 companies. These have come from all over the world, to participate and show their products in Orlando. We met and exceeded their expectations, in delivering full satisfaction. Exponents Insta USA has professionals which can deliver on the above promises. You write the specifications and requirements and we will build on them to create stunning displays at very low costs.

Besides portable, modular, and custom displays, we also have used trade show displays and rentals display. Our services include Consultation, Trade Show Booth Design, Booth Construction, Graphic Construction, Audio Visual Presentations and Shows. We install, dismantle and ship if necessary. We have a project management team to ensure that the whole process meets the schedule, along with on-site supervision for compliance of the project with the specifications.

We make various sizes of booths (10×10, 10×20, 20×20, 20×30, 30×30) as well as large island booths. If you want to have the gas station as a display, just say so. If you want a booth which doubles as a sales closing office, there is no need to repeat your instructions. As professionals, we know how important it is for you to put your best foot forward. Trade shows are a showcase of every product imaginable on the market. We want to help you meet and capture your market. Showcasing your products is our aim as well. We put you and your product in the best light possible.

And we do all that without charging an arm and a leg. We are sure to meet your budget for the exhibit. With custom trade booth rentals, you don’t need to have everything made from scratch. Just give us the details, what it will look like, and we can come up with the design. We can help you keep to your budget and still meet your goals for the exhibit. We have been working on box rental solutions for more than 30 years, and we provide cost-effective aesthetically pleasing designs. We do not disappoint.

The best part of our booth solutions is that these are rentals. Custom designed rentals that meet your requirements. They are pleasing to the eye, made to attract customers, and will be there at the exhibit at the start of the trade show. You do not need to worry about bringing the booth over and assembling it yourself. Let us worry about that. When the show starts we can guarantee that you get more than your share of views. These are exhibits which are worthy of being shared on social media. These are booths which you want to show your competitors. Booths which grab attention and delivers a point.

Exponents is a solution based company which creates not just trade show booths, but solutions which deliver a message to a target market.


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