Creative sponsor booth packages
for conference organizers

What Is Confexpo?


Confexpo is a design oriented customized conference booth solution with benefits for both, organizers and sponsors. It re-imagines the ideal conference format and change the time consuming classic model to provide fast & engaging booths in simple & easy to choose packages, we offer four tier packages.

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Packages Includes:


Stand hire and print


Sponsor coordination


Creative designs as per tiers or sponsor needs


Logistics, installation and breakdown, AV, Furniture

Benefits for organisers

Generate additional revenue

With our multiple packages organizers can upgrade sponsors to a higher tier and generate more revenue

Streamline operations

Once you register your sponsors simply hand them over to us; you sit back and see the experiences being created

Enhanced sponsor value

With better visitor engagement, cost-effective booths and low execution hassles your sponsors can focus on networking

Premium look

Our creative, contemporary and experienced designers make our booths look stylish and premium with high quality and finish

Space utilization

Our designers optimize the available space with no. of sponsor stands to minimize space wastage

Wide reach

No matter where in the USA you have a conference, our branches and services are available from San Diego to Orlando.

Bronze Design Examples

Typical Size 4X4 feet

Silver Design Examples

Minimalistic yet affordable, Silver has a greater presence

Typical Size 8X8 feet

Gold Design Examples

Gold is the flexible package that offers you with dual graphics. It can be upgraded easily.

You can create an X shaped island by doubling up the standard two-wall option.

Moreover, it’s a convenient way to set up four exhibitors in an open booth.

Typical Size 10X10 feet

Platinum Design Examples

Platinum is high on versatility and a free style type of booths

that can be completely custom or custom-modular depending on budget.

Typical Size 10X20 feet

Upgrade Options

Every customer is different and we are flexible to offer accessories on rent* to your Tier package.


iPad Stand


Bar Table


Backlit Counter


32″ LED Screen

43″ LED Screen

55″ LED Screen

1 Bar Stool

1 Round Table

Sanitizer Stand

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Benefits To Sponsors

Confexpo optimizes the combination of an engaging stand with the convenience of
booth packages without much impacting the cost.


Maximum Size 10MB