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Buy custom modular exhibits and reuse them to save costs

Our modular exhibit systems are designed to be fast to assemble and robust to reuse multiple times. They are engineered to be suitable for a variety of applications. We offer a range of product solutions to cater to varying industry needs. Be it big screens, closed door meeting rooms or innovative product displays our modular trade show booths are tailored to your requirements.

Now you can buy big island booth once and reuse it for small islands and small linear trade show booths for over 10 shows. Besides we provide an option of full service that includes installations, dismantling, logistics and warehousing between shows. This ensures you save cost and time at every step and focus on your core business every time you exhibit.

Add that cherry on the cake to your exhibit with custom image flooring. At Exponents, we produce beautiful vinyl graphics for your trade show flooring that integrate perfectly with the overall exhibit design. And just like the cinnamon on your coffee, we offer it at no additional printing cost when you buy your exhibits from us. Find out more here.

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Custom Modular Exhibit Gallery

Explore our catalog of the custom modular booth and see how you can reuse them for different layouts and show formats. Our team of experienced designers has curated these designs that find application in a variety of industries and show formats.

BLU2030 003

Price: $73,684.00

Discounted Price: $55,263.00

BLU2020 001

Price : $53,027.00

Discounted Price : $39,771.00

BLU2030 017

Price:   $62,911.00

Discounted Price: $47,184.00

BLU2020 003

Price: $57,969.00

Discounted Price: $43,477.00

BLU2030 005

 Price : $64,530.00

Discounted Price : $48,399.00

BLU2020 002

 Price : $50,710.00

Discounted Price : $38,033.00

BLU2030 007

Price : $68,565.00

Discounted Price : $51,424.00

BLU2020 020

Price:  $60,819.00

Discounted Price: $ 45,615.00

BLU1020 003

Price: $32,546.00

Discounted Price: $ 24,410.00

BLU2020 021

Price : $67,612.00

Discounted Price : $50,709.00

BLU1020 002

Price:  $21,742.00

Discounted Price: $ 16,307.00

BLU2030 016

Price:    $70,322.00

Discounted Price: $52,742.00

Do you need a customized modular exhibit that fits your budget?

Check out some of our work

Your custom trade show display can be your asset and travel to your next show destination!

Custom made functional designs

Our creative and experienced designers create stylish looking stands with lasting impressions.

Various applications

Our range of custom modular designs and systems can serve a variety of industry needs. Be it merchandizing for a large machine to displaying food products or even IT service demos.

Flexible and reconfigurable

Due to its modular nature of construction, our exhibits can be configured to different layouts so you can reuse the same booth material for multiple shows.

Large Graphic messaging

Your graphic message helps attract visitors to your booth. Our designs and system enable use of large format graphics to make your exhibit eye catching to your visitors.


100% Prebuild promise

All our booths are built up 100% with graphics at our warehouse and photos shared with you before dispatch. This ensures total quality control and that you get what you expected.

Warehousing service

Its perfectly fine if you do not want to store the exhibit material. We offer warehousing service for your trade show booth where storage and maintenance, between shows, is taken care of by us.

Project Management

We understand that participation in many shows during the year can be a daunting task for your show manager. We offer complete project management service including ordering and communication with organizer.

Professional trade show installation service

Considering our 40 years of experience of dealing with end to end trade show booth service, we offer professional I&D service incase you don’t have staff to build the booth yourself

Why should you buy your exhibit?

  • More flexibility of venues and locations
  • Reuse and change your layout every season
  • Exhibit more often
  • Save cost of labor, drayage and transport
  • Predictive costs

Services we offer to our ‘buy’ customers

  • Customized booth design
  • Manufacturing
  • Graphic production
  • Reusable packaging
  • 100% prebuilt check
  • Free training and setup instructions (when you choose to DIY)
  • After sales support

Optional service package includes:

  • Drayage, labor
  • Logistics to and from shows
  • Warehousing between shows
  • Project Management

Buy your next booth and save cost every time you exhibit.