Creating a powerful impact with spectacular 30X30 trade show booth rentals

Exponents is your savior if you are an exhibitor looking to rent 30×30 trade show booths that can meet all your functional and budget specifications from start to end. Exponents work with an unprecedented approach and skill making it the right destination to rent 30×30 trade show booths elevating your exhibit space visually as well as functionally. We offer customized 30×30 trade show rental exhibits that are professionally designed and fabricated, having the specifications and functionalities that are essential for attracting prospects.

If you are an infrequent exhibitor trying to fit in, our 30×30 trade show booths on rent are spacious which gives you an advantage to better utilize the area. Over the years, we have worked with several ROI-driven businesses on their trade show investment on booth designs to create a successful brand presence at their events. At Exponents, we promise an exclusive, supreme-quality experience throughout the process. Backed with a team of experts, we take pride in our proficiency, design, and flexibility, which promises an alluring and fully customizable 30×30 trade show exhibit rentals for your show.

Here’s what we offer with your 30×30 trade show booth rental

1. Tailored Designs at Transparent Prices

We offer fully-customized trade show booths at open and pre-committed prices which makes it convenient for you to contemplate every aspect of your 30×30 rental booth selection in line with your budget allocation. This ensures no hidden cost is involved in the process.

2. Dedicated Project Management

Right from coordinating with the organizers to handling all the paperwork, our project managers take care of everything related to your stand on your behalf. They also update you about the timeline and delivery of your booth.

3. On-site supervision and storage 

To ensure you have a hassle-free experience, we have an on-site support team that provides complete support installation, supervision, and dismantling of your 30×30 booth rental and vouch for a smooth workflow at the event.

4. In-house Graphics Production

Apart from offering quality booth designs for your 30×30 booth, we also offer customizable large brand graphics with a variety of textures ranging from fabrics to vinyl. We use dye-sublimation technology to provide eye-catching graphics.

5. 100% Pre-build Promise

Before the final delivery, we prebuild your entire booth at our facility in Orlando and share pictures/videos with you. If any adjustments do not incur more cost or time, we throw those as well. This eliminates the stress of last-minute surprises.

Rent a 30×30 trade show booth from Exponents to mark your Brand Presence.

Exponents is an international performer displaying excellence on the tradeshow floor since 1979. We have partnered with 18,000 clients belonging to diverse industry cultures which makes us an ideal choice for all your exhibiting needs. If you are moving between events, then the decision to rent a 30×30 trade show booth from Exponents will be extremely economical and productive. Our rental options come loaded with elements that can be reused event after the event making them cost-effective solutions.

We believe in quality, determination, innovation, and teamwork. We understand that conveying your unique brand story is an exciting task and at the same time an intimidating one. Your 30×30 custom exhibit booth must be strong and easy to grasp, captivating, and on-brand. We support you every step of the way and always keep you in the loop. By working in coordination to provide a promotional masterwork, we help you leave a grand impact on the attendees visiting your 30×30 booth rental. If you have decided to rent 30×30 trade show booths, let our team create a magnetic impact with exceptional designs that will surely enhance your marketing appeal and cause a sustained hike in sales.

How to make the most of your 30×30 trade show booth rentals?

In a busy trade show with hundreds of other booths, exhibitors might struggle to stand out from the crowd. Having a larger exhibit expands your possibilities so does your floor. 30×30 trade show exhibit rentals provide you multiple options to do what you want with the available space. It can be customized to fit whatever your requirements happen to be. With plenty of room in your booth, you don’t have to panic over a crowded booth. You have got plenty of things in your booth to work on such as demonstration, product display areas, reception counter, meeting room, and lounge area. It is important to arrange these zones suitably to have a smooth traffic flow in your 30×30 booth rental. Here are a few tips to make the best of 30×30 trade show booth rental space.

    1. Make the main objective the heart of your trade show booth and built the rest of the booth around it.
    2. Consider having a substantial amount of empty space in your booth as it is quite effective.
    3. You can have graphics at varying heights which works wonder in attracting attention as it provides a sense of depth and intrigue to your 30×30 booth.
    4. With a booth of this size, you can have a separate lounge area where attendees can relax from the hustle and bustle of the show.
    5. Lighting also plays a major role in drawing attention to your marketing messages so make sure you use suitable lighting for your booth.


A 30×30 booth rental offers great opportunities to get your brand noticed and it can seem daunting at times but don’t worry! Exponents specialize in providing turnkey solutions to make your trade show process a cakewalk! Wait no more, contact us at  800.639.1174


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