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Who we are

Exponents, Inc., a premium custom exhibit rental firm based in San Diego, California is in business for over  40+ years now. The industry recognizes the firm for its numerous revolutionary efforts which have changed the way trade show exhibits are designed and manufactured. From our product line Tall to our groundbreaking innovation AIR we have always raised the bars!

Founded by Bruce Backer, Exponents started out in the year 1979 out of a small warehouse in San Diego, CA and since then we have pledged to provide a comprehensive solution of creative booth designs, robust construction, and stress-free delivery of exhibit rentals.

Over the last four decades, we have successfully collaborated with 500 multinational brands and have designed more than 18000 trade show booths around the globe. Today we help our customers attract more visitors to their booths with even better coverage and local support across the USA, thanks to our offices in San Diego, Las Vegas, and Orlando.

What we believe

Like our CEO, we too believe, trade shows are not only about sales but also about effective face-to-face engagement with your target audience. Our team of experts helps you create a connection like none other but through the creative use of common design elements and the development of smart fabrication techniques to assure flexibility, strength, reliable quality, and reduced transportation costs at remarkably competitive prices.

Innovation and Exponents

We take great pride in introducing ourselves as revolutionary trade show booth builders. We are known to create and build innovative trade show exhibits, both large and small, and deliver them out on time. Book your trade show booth rental with us today without comprising on budget and customization!

A few of Exponents innovative product line includes Exponents Panels (the first ‘full bleed’ exhibit panel system), Tall (the tallest, thinnest, lightest, and strongest full height panel system of its time in 1993), Headlines Posts & Beams (a component-based custom display assemblage in 1997), Luminance (a breakthrough, lightweight display system in 2002), CrossOver (an innovative series of kiosks that give pop-up displays added dimensions in 2006), AIR (a portable trade show display system in 2006), and LUMITURE Illuminated Architecture a display system that lights frames and ceilings from within in 2007. Continuing our journey towards innovating solutions to provide effective trade show exhibits for our customers, in 2012 we launched the Luminy system. This is one of the most flexible trade show booth systems that has all the creative aspects of custom build exhibits with the advantages of modular construction.

We do it all

We create beautiful demand-driving exhibit designs that give voice to your brand. We make these designs functional and easy to adapt to your space and durable for multiple show appearances.  Our team of experienced project managers ensures your booth gets constructed, prebuilt, shipped, and installed at the show as scheduled without any hassles for you.

Worry no more when you book your Orlando exhibit rentals or trade show booth in Las Vegas at Exponents! Our in-house manufacturing, print production, and warehousing service are available in San Diego, CA, and Las Vegas, NV to cater to the West Coast and in Orlando, FL for shows on the East coast.

Our Process

Exponent is a specialist in trade show booth design. Our objective from the start of the design process is to create three-dimensional visuals, showcasing a booth concept that is not only visually pleasing but accomplishes a specific purpose.

The trade show booth is where your concept comes to life, so we arrange a wide array of different booth sizes that you can choose from.

Once you are satisfied with the size, we will then design it to showcase your product or business in the best possible way, with the use of all of the graphics, imagery, and the best in technology that our in-house experts bring to the table.

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High-quality booth construction

Our booths are constructed using only the finest quality materials, which are built to withstand the exhibiting rigor through repeated use. The booth is created to suit your specific requirement and can be anything from a large structural design to a lightweight modular system. Our practical construction takes into account shipping, storage, and installation requirements so that it weighs appropriately.

Customization for unique exhibit

Why should brands compromise on style and design because of lack of innovation and opportunity by exhibit rental companies? We at Exponents believe that all brandsare unique, and yours is one in a million. Do not fit in, when you can stand out! Customize your booth to the core and make every bit of your trade show experience count! From booth fabrication (that helps shape up a booth with exacting measurements and precise brand specs for a look that’s truly personalized) to shape and structures alignment, we tailor to it all. Choose from a wide range of materials and themes to suit your particular branding or tweak it as per your whims!

Best in class materials

We print out all of the graphics using top-quality inkjet technology so that your visuals stand out among the crowd. These images are guaranteed to last throughout the event time so that you do not have to worry about wear and tear, and they will be installed with the finesse that you would expect from the best. Our in-house capabilities can help you achieve best-in-class graphics mounted on the best materials for that beautiful, durable and scratch-free finish.

Bringing your brand to life

Let our creativity be the true expression of the value your product is going to bring to the lives of your customers. Whether it is vibrant colors or a premium finish, we will paint your booth with those picture-perfect visuals.

Sticking to timelines

When we have our first discussion with you, our project manager will take into account the scope of the work, as well as the timelines for each milestone right up until after the event has taken place. All of these timelines will be vetted by you so that you are always in control, while we accept all accountability as any respectable project manager should.

Process lifecycle

Any good project has a definite project lifecycle, with the start of the project and the end of it defined according to the project requirements. That is why we take ownership of the entire process and maintain the lifecycle so that there is the proper assessment of risks and the right implementation of procedures done at every step of the event.

Setting up shop

Our experts will ensure that the trade show is set up exactly as visualized in the concept document. All of the materials, graphics, and equipment, as well as furniture for the display, will be set up exactly as promised so that there is never any last-minute running around required. All you need to do is focus on your product and leave the rest to us.

Taking it all down

We know that the trade show doesn’t just end with the event. There is always dismantling required and careful handling of all of the equipment and products used, as per the specifications of the exhibition center. This is why our logistics team will expertly manage it all so that you can just focus on presenting your business to the world, while we sweat the rest. If you would like to take a closer look at how we will handle logistics for your event, please contact us or take a look at our brochure.

Planning & Preparation

Before we move the setup to the actual site, we can give you a dry run at our workshop. If you want to watch the idea shape up at every stage, we can send you visuals of the making and take your input every step of the way. And on the d-day, our team will nail every piece in its place before handing over a perfectly assembled booth to you. Whether it is a modular design or a custom made, our on-site supervisor will make sure that everything is down pat so that all you need to do is to put on a great show! And the team will be around the corner. So give us a shout and we will help you pull it down too, at the end of the event

We are flexible

Exponents provide you with options to meet the demands of any particular project that comes through the door. A custom trade show booth on rent if you participate in just a couple of shows in a year. If you however have multiple shows in different cities throughout the year, you can opt to buy a custom modular booth, personalized with your graphic message and other components that bind it to your business. This makes it easy to use and reuse the booth as needed.

You get the freedom to choose what’s best for your business.

Our global presence

Apart from various locations in the USA, like San Diego, Orlando and Las Vegas we have extended our services globally in Europe, UAE, and the Indian subcontinent. We have facilities and teams in Germany, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Spain, and Asia presence across India in cities like Mumbai and Delhi to provide you comprehensive trade show services for shows in the EU and APAC.

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