Make a grand impact with custom 20×40 trade show rental booth


Exponents, a leader in the exhibition industry, hosts one of the most top-notch rental inventories that are sure to amaze as well as appeal to your visitors. When it comes to trade show displays marketing, you cannot afford to leave any stone unturned and we, at Exponents, offer nothing but the best for your brand.

When you decide to rent 20×40 trade show booth, we know you are thinking of a grand space and impact. We blend our valuable customer insights and your brand’s objectives and produce spectacular rental options that have the look and feel of custom trade show booths.

Why rent 20×40 trade show booth from Exponents?

We have been in the industry for over 34 years, served 18,000 clients till date and own the right resources, skills and above all, the right advice for your brand. Our technical team not only assists you in making your dream booth space but also ensures that it is equally productive and engaging for your customers.

We give you flexibility, durability, and quality when you choose us to rent 20×40 trade show booth. We give you full access over the design and have rental options that can be easily customized to conform to your space, brand color, theme and all other needs in between. Need we say more? Yes, we note your budget constraints and offer all these services at unimaginably low cost. We also offer free shipping and installation added with on-site supervision bringing maintenance worry to a new low.

Create a whole new world with Exponents’ 20×40 trade show booth rental

A great trade show booth designers guarantee a great lead-capture and we, at Exponents, are devoted to your needs and marketing objectives. Our team is an adroit listener and maps out every little detail and elements that need focus at the trade show floor. Whether you are a frequent exhibitor or planning a trade show for the first time, rent 20×40 trade show booth from us as we got your back and have unlimited options waiting to be leveraged.