20×20 Trade Show Booth Rentals and Exhibit Booth

Looking to rent a 20×20 trade show booth? Rent it from Exponents and get an edge above other entrants.

With so many trade show booth designers around, Exponents help you cut through the noise and clutter and find your perfect 20×20 trade show booth rental.

20×20 trade show booth design are among the most popular sizes for trade show booths. And with this, it gets difficult to stand out in a large trade show or exhibition. The solution to this, of course, is to design your 20×20 trade show booth uniquely. We at Exponents do the required. We learn about your mission, branding, and sales objectives to make your business look its best with our elegant 20×20 trade show booth designs. These 20×20 booth rentals are entirely customizable. Whatever your requirements, we’re ready to help your 20×20 booth rental meet them.

What makes a 20×20 trade show booth rental the most desirable choice for an exhibitor?

A 20×20 trade show rental booth is just the perfect blend of a spacious and welcoming zone. An exhibitor generally considers a 20×20 trade show booth because

Space matters: A 20×20 trade show booth rental is big enough to allow your brand to make the splash it deserves while still being a reasonable choice for most budgets.

Cozy and Comfortable: This booth size makes it small enough to make attendees feel attended to and comfortable but large enough to leave an impression. There is no unnecessary bare space in such designs giving it a minimalistic yet elegant look.

Dynamic Decor: 20×20 trade show booth designs can easily go along with any booth decoration, be it a hanging sign, an attractive reception counter, or an eye-catching demo station for product display.

Why Should I Consider Exponents for my Next 20×20 Trade Show Booth Rentals?

We are the experts!

It would be difficult to find another company with the levels of applied experience, knowledge, and dedication to trade shows and marketing than Exponents. Our in-house design team takes pride in their 40+ years in the business. An industry exposition is a big and busy undertaking, and you may need help troubleshooting every problem or need arising during the process. And that is why we are here, to help you turn your 20×20 booth rentals into the booth your marketing team has dreamed about for years

We have plenty of customizable designs

Even within the sphere of a 20×20 booth rental, many design options exist. We have an enormous selection of rentals in these dimensions, from modular, “easy” displays to intricate custom designs. We sit with you to understand your business and its needs and then take the customization of your booth. We try to reflect these branding aspects in your 20×20 booth rentals.

We deliver the finest customizable booth

To construct the finest trade show booths, ensure total quality control. We have a well-equipped, state-of-the-art manufacturing and printing facility in San Diego and Orlando. We manufacture your booth entirely at our manufacturing unit. Also, we adhere to a strict quality standard if you rent a 20×20 trade show booth.

We provide end to end turnkey service

We are far from being “just” a rental or trade show booth design company. We offer every service you could need for your next trade show, all at a competitive price. With us, you get a swift installation at your event site, on-site supervision, dismantling services, and even reverse logistics.Believe us, after a busy day of making sales, your team’s last desire is to disassemble their display. Leave that to us!

We do a pre-build test for your satisfaction

No matter which 20×20 booth design you rent, our team extensively tests and previews your exhibit before we ship it to the fairground or the location of your choice. We run a dry test of installing your 20×20 booth rentals at our manufacturing facility, check for technical glitches, and fix them, if any. We also share it with you via photos and videos. This helps to avoid any last-minute headaches. Moreover, you have our team with you throughout the show if you run into any snags with the booth.

We keep our promise

Be it about the money or time, we genuinely keep our promise. We quote a price and don’t charge you anything apart from that – no incidental cost, extra labor fees, or post-show bills! We follow a transparent pricing policy that ensures you stick to your estimated budget. Also, we know the significance of time management; hence we make sure your deliveries reach you well in time without you having to push us to track your shipment.



Want to get started NOW?

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We are sure to cater to you with a well-branded booth that fits your brief and your liking. We already can’t wait to hear what ideas you have in mind.

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