20x20 Trade Show Rental Booths and Exhibit Displays

Are You Ready to Stand Out? Rent a 20×20 Rental Booth from Exponents and Crush Your Competition!

Are you planning torent 20×20 trade show booth for your next major industry event? Keep reading.

The scope of our current business world is a tricky one. On every front, there is a constant competition. It is no longer enough to only have a solid product. To stand out in a large trade show or exhibition, you will need an edge above your competitors.

The solution to this, of course, is to find a capable and reputable company that specializes in trade show booth rentals, design, and marketing. A company like this will listen to your team, learn about your mission, branding, and sales objectives to make your business look its very best.

Are you ready for a helping hand? It’s time for you to meet our team. With our selection of 20×20 rental booths, industry expertise, and more than 30 years in the biz, we’re sure to help your brand reach its full trade show potential. Our team will listen to your needs and keep you in the loop every step of the way, allowing you to outshine any of those pesky competitors.

No two brands are exactly the same. We know that your company has its own unique history and needs, and it needs to be dealt with as such. That’s why each of our 20×20 rental displays are entirely customizable—it can be designed uniquely for your existing branding, whether that means utilizing a certain color scheme, typesetting, or another feature. Whatever your requirements may be, we’re ready to help your 20×20 rental meet them.


What Are the Benefits of a 20×20 Booth Display?

A 20×20 exhibit booth is big enough to allow your brand to make the splash it deserves while still being a reasonable choice for most budgets. Indeed, a 20×20 “island booth” can be the perfect platform for your brand to showcase its wares.

This booth size makes it small enough to make attendees feel attended to and comfortable, but large enough to leave an impression. Remember, a trade show will have hundreds, even thousands, of your competitors working their hardest to bring new clients to their brand.

Your booth needs to not only outshine them—it needs to be memorable and representative of your brand. This can easily be accomplished with a 20×20 booth and the right team.

Why Should I Consider Exponents for my Next 20×20 Booth Display Rental?

Whether you’re a veteran business looking to make a new, bold statement, or a startup attending their very first trade show, it’s in your best interest to invest in a reputable trade show rental, design, and marketing company to help you with the details. After all, an industry exposition is a big and busy undertaking, and your team may not be able to troubleshoot every problem or need that arises during the process.

It would be hard to find another company with the levels of applied experience, knowledge, and dedication to trade shows and marketing than Exponents. Our in-house design team takes pride in their 30+ years in the business, and we can’t wait to help you turn your 20×20 rental into the display your marketing team has been dreaming about for years.

Even within the sphere of a 20×20 booth display, there will be many options for your team to choose between. We have an enormous selection of rentals in these dimensions, from the modular, “easy” displays to intricate custom designs.

No matter which booth you select, our team will extensively test and preview your exhibit before we ship it to your show. This helps to avoid any last-minute headaches—but just in case, we’ll also send some of our team members to your show to deal with any issues, if they do pop up.

We are far from being “just” a rental company, or even a trade show booth display design company. We offer every service your company could possibly need for their next trade show, all at a competitive price. With us, you can guarantee a swift and successful installation at your event site, as well as dismantling services. Believe us, after a busy day of making sales, the last thing your team will want to do is disassemble their display. Leave that to us!

Take a look at our vast range of 20×20 exhibit rentalsand see if anything piques your interest. Nothing catching your eye? That’s where our design team comes in. We’ll make sure you end up with a well-branded booth that fits your brief and your liking.

Are you ready? Get in touch with our team at Exponents today for a chat about your upcoming show, your brand, and what you are hoping to get out of a 20×20 booth display. We can’t wait to hear what ideas you have in mind.