The Exponents 10 x 20 Trade Show Booth – A Superior Solution

The classic 10×20 trade show booth is an industry standard, so how do Exponents 10 x 20 booths deliver better brand awareness, more traffic and lower cost of ownership? The secret is Exponents’ thirty years of design, fabrication and support experience.

As you prepare to enter a trade show, whether it is your first time around or you’ve been experienced at creating trade shows , you want to display your offerings in a positive light.

The goal is to highlight your product and services in an attractive way that will snag the attention of consumers to build revenue. A 10×20 trade show booth is a useful route to go when you are making the rounds at various events. The key is in an effective design and following the best practices when creating an exhibit in a 10×20 trade show booth.

In that time, our world-class design team and deep portfolio of proven trade show ideas and techniques have earned the trust of over 18,000 customers. Combined with your particular exhibition plans, we create a booth that draws visitors, engages prospects, and is easy to ship and assemble.

Stand Out in a Crowd with award winning 10×20 exhibits from Exponents

When you are off to exhibits, you are going to be joined by a host of others with the same goal as you. If you are going to promote yourself, your booth has to be a cut above the rest.

Put careful thought and planning into your booth. Experiment with different arrangements. Determine if you want your products to be displayed on the booth itself or if you will have another area to actually make sales available.

When you put time and energy into your trade show booth, you will find that it is a useful marketing tool that will provide you with many returns on your investment.

With Exponents as your design, fabrication and support partner, your trade show investment will strengthen your brand and attract new customers.

Exponents Maximize Your Impact with custom 10×20 trade show booth

It’s not just a 10 x 20 trade show booth – it’s your showcase to thousands of people in your industry. Exponents make the decision process easier by with the use of detailed 3D renderings.

Not only will you see your ideas fully visualized, but you’ll also be given smart choices on how best to present your story and engage with customers.

And once your exhibit is finalized, Exponents can help implement your trade show plan with options for logistics, storage, and on-site assembly services .




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