BLU2030 030

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If you're looking to have a creative inviting appearance, then this 20×30 trade show exhibit is the one for you. Create a startling brand presence and dominate your next trade show or conference with this inspiring booth design.

PRICE: $55,191.00

A premium looking BLU2030-030 comes with a professional roof and wall set up. The design is reconfigurable i.e., it is configured to fit into multiple size spaces such as , 20×20, 10×20, 10×20, and  space. This makes it ideal for multiple events. It comes with LED arm lights for back walls that enhance your graphics. To add another dimension to design, the BLU2030-030 also has a reception counter with a graphical edge and a square-shaped hanging sign. The booth is also inclusive of an LED screen that showcases your line of products. The 20×30 trade show exhibit configuration has ample space for product presentations as well as an open discussion area for customers.

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100% modular construction Multiple configurations

See how this exhibit can be reused different floor spaces and layouts

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