Reuse one 20 X 30 booth for multiple 20X20, 10X20 and 10X10 booths

BLU2030 031

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Designed for multiple product demos in mind, this booth is useful for brands who want to showcase their brand line. It has a minimalist design with a focus on high branding and customer comfort.

PRICE: $62,985.00

Glossy vinyl flooring with a wooden finish to put visitors at ease.A Curved hanging sign that has a minimalist but modern design. Comes with four workstations for presenting four product presentations to maximize visual contact for visitors. The front of the booth also has a dedicated presentation area with comfortable ottoman seating. The back of the booth has a glass barrier with a round table and counter table seats for personalized meetings. A reception counter with a storage unit in the back and graphical branding in the front is also provided.

3500 LBS

Packs in 3 Shipping Crates

Ships in 3 Weeks from Graphics Approval

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100% Modular Construction Multiple Configurations

See how this exhibit can be reused different floor spaces and layouts

Full Bleed Graphic

LED Lights

Replacement Graphics Available

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