BLU2030 037

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This booth has an open design meant to look unobtrusive and informal. High walls are designed in an open archway to give a unique look and increase brand visibility. The entire booth has a wooden finish, to put the mind of visitors at ease.

PRICE: $57,525.00

A design that focuses on one-on-one customer interaction. Its high walls come with wooden paneling and hanging lamps for creating a comforting ambiance for product demos, presentations, and one-on-one discussions. A Square-shaped hanging sign is provided to maximize your brand presence. Portable arm lights are provided to illuminate graphical branding on walls. Comes with a reception counter that has a storage unit at the back and graphical branding in the front. Has one workstation and counter table seating provided.

Reuse one 20 X 30 booth for multiple 20X20, 10X20 & 10X10 booths

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100% modular construction Multiple configurations

See how this exhibit can be reused different floor spaces and layouts

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