Crafting Conference Excellence for Engage Boston

Engage Boston, the prestigious global recruiting conference, took place from May 31 to June 1, 2023. This event served as a dynamic platform for recruitment leaders and practitioners, offering a balanced mix of industry insights and practical training on Bullhorn products. The goal of this conference was to facilitate sponsor connections, foster an environment that inspired thought leadership, nurtured business relationships, and fostered innovative ideas.

Our Role

emc3, the conference organizer, partnered with Exponents when planning this groundbreaking event. Our task was to handle booths for their sponsors, managing all aspects related to shipping, logistics, installation, and dismantling. They required

8 Platinum booths
8′ x 8′
20 Silver booths
4′ x 8′
12 Gold booths
6′ x 8′

The Challenges

Tailored Booth Specifications: The silver, gold, and platinum booths each had distinct size and furniture requirements, all needing alignment with the conference’s overall theme.

Sourcing Eco-friendly Materials: In line with emc3’s sustainability pledge, every event element needed to be environmentally friendly.

Creating a Floor Plan for Maximum Visibility: The challenge was ensuring all 40 sponsors had visibility while leaving ample space for attendees to move around and adhering to venue guidelines.

Logistics and Labor: In a large-scale event like this, effectively optimizing logistics and labor costs was crucial. emc3 wanted a partner who could simplify these processes without compromising on the quality or timeliness of booth construction.

Hub Region Design: The central Hub Region needed a sleek, less bulky table design that could accommodate four people with subtle yet effective branding.

Our Solution

Meticulous Floor Plan and Booth Design:  We designed an optimized floor plan for maximum sponsor visibility. The booths looked similar with consistent visuals, but differed in table and screen sizes.

  • Silver booths measured 4’x8′, each furnished with an L-shaped table, a 32′ inch TV monitor, and 2 bar stools.
  • Gold booths sized 6’x8′, each provided with an L-shaped table, a 43′ inch TV monitor, and 2 bar stools.
  • Platinum booths were 8’x8′, each equipped with 2 U-shaped tables, a 50′ inch TV monitor, and 4 bar stools.
  • The Hub Region featured a substantial backdrop for five stations. These stations, paired with bar stools, offered seamless connectivity.

Commitment to Sustainability: Our commitment to sustainability manifested in our use of aluminum frames which were both robust and eco-friendly, ensuring the solidity of the booths for over 40 shows before needing recycling.

Handling Labor and Logistics: As a full-service conference booth company, Exponents has in-house facilities on both coasts, offering end-to-end solutions from booth design, logistics to installation and dismantling. This approach benefited emc3 by reducing logistical complexities and associated labor costs.

The Results

We delivered sponsor booths that perfectly represented their branding, ensuring maximum visibility at the event. Our efficient logistics management contributed to a seamless conference experience for EMC3, simplifying the task of managing a large-scale event like Engage Boston.

Our joint efforts with sponsors culminated in a successful Engage conference. We provided an unmatched event experience, setting a new benchmark for attendee engagement at Engage Boston.

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