Health Grid

Exponents recently partnered with Healthgrid to build a new 20×20 custom tradeshow exhibit for HIMSS. Health Grid is helping health care providers make a paradigm shift in patient engagement through an anywhere-anytime platform.

Our Role

Health Grid, the conference organizer, partnered with Exponents when planning this groundbreaking event. Our task was to handle booths for their sponsors, managing all aspects related to shipping, logistics, installation, and dismantling. They required

The Challenges

Health Grid wanted to participate in HIMSS 2016, an industry-leading trade show attracting 40000+ health IT professionals from around the globe.

With 1300 IT vendors sharing exhibiting space, it was important to take center stage with clutter-breaking booth design.

The venue, Sands Expo & Convention Centre is renowned for its massive exhibiting space, often compared with 40 football fields.

Visitors could easily lose sight of booth spaces that didn’t propel energy and innovation.

Health Grid needed a solution that would:

1. Stand out distinctively in the large exhibiting space
2. Reflect their progressive business approach through a future-forward design
3. Raise curiosity about their services, channelizing maximum crowd for leads and conversion.

Our Solution

The design team soaked into Health Grid’s DNA and carved out a booth that was:

1. An out of the box design, blending creativity and technology in the right proportions
2. A luminous booth with the product story erected beautifully on all sides with innovative 3D elements. The product was made the hero, literally!
3. The design was not over-done graphically or architecturally to keep the look premium and clean.

The Results

It was a job well done, suggest all business indicators. If numbers are anything to go by, Health Grid experienced a 240% spike in visitor traffic compared to the previous year.

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