Kyon is the name behind the much talked about high-tech dog collar. It is a GPS enabled collar packed with sensors to keep the pet safe. Award-winner for design excellence, the brand symbolises innovation. Every time we come across a team so energetic, we are equalled enthused to deliver unrivalled solutions. Exponents was all set to break the monotony and go beyond the ordinary.

Our Role

Kyon, the conference organizer, partnered with Exponents when planning this groundbreaking event. Our task was to handle booths for their sponsors, managing all aspects related to shipping, logistics, installation, and dismantling. They required

The Challenges

Kyon was looking forward to CES, Las Vegas. The 50 years old event has been the launch pad for many consumer technologies and ground breaking innovations. With more than 3800 exhibitors catering to an audience of 165K attendees from 150 countries, CES is a huge platform with fierce competition. To emerge a winner in a crowd so huge, Kyon wanted to put their best foot forward. They were looking for:

1. A premium design with minimal distractions and one clear differentiator
2. An impressive structure which little resemblance to typical booths
3. An inviting aura to ignite meaningful discussions
4. A temporary solution for their first tradeshow in U.S

Our Solution

We knew it was Kyon’s first time in a new geography and they were testing waters. We did not want to suggest an expensive solution as that could hurt their ROI. We came up with:

1. A rental design with customization to tell the brand story in a unique way
2. A non-linear design with large arcs to draw attention even from a distance
3. A de-cluttered area with just right furniture to set the ambiance for discussion
4. Minimal text and attractive visuals to spike interest.

The Results

Everything was perfectly planned and executed and the result was awesome.

1. The booth’s premium look drew the right crowd in right numbers
2. The unusual design inspired a wow from every passerby and made that lasting impression

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