Legend 3D

Being one of the most recommended expo vendors, we see a number of clients approaching our team and we have continued to create crowd-pulling exhibits every single time. As the journey continues, we get to work with some clients who challenge us with their specifications and time limit. One such collaboration was with Legend 3d, a company that has made it big in the animation world, hitting success in the fields of 3D, VR and VFX.

Our Role

Legend 3D, the conference organizer, partnered with Exponents when planning this groundbreaking event. Our task was to handle booths for their sponsors, managing all aspects related to shipping, logistics, installation, and dismantling. They required

The Challenges

Legend 3d wanted to participate in Siggraph 2016, Anaheim which is one of the largest exhibitions for Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques but they knew it was no easy task. The company contacted us just 14 days prior to the show and our team had no time for experiments and trials. They required a bespoke design featuring a high end look. The project kick-off meeting sparked ideas like a separate bar area and some demonstration kiosks. The expectations were high. All in all, it was tall task and time was flying past.

Our Solution

We pulled up our socks and pushed multiple levers to put the project on fast track. Our team was able to put on an exhibit that reflected the brand’s philosophy just the way Legend 3d’s described. Even fellow exhibitors were amazed to see how the exhibit created a huge impact within little space. The bar area turned out beautiful and served as the perfect space for sampling and product display. The banner was placed centrally to serve as a wall for the meeting area, making use of the available space skillfully. The multi-media screens and tall graphical displays created a larger than life impression, drawing attention.

The Results

The exhibit design turned out to be super effective and managed to accommodate multiple visitors at a time.The outcome proved, yet again, that time is never a hindrance for achieving great results if you have the right skills and experience.

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