Tache Diamonds

Being in business since 1957, Tache Diamonds has earned a name for itself in delivering excellence and unmatched quality in diamond industry. This company has seen a century of pushing boundaries, a legacy being passed on generation to generation and that has enabled it to emerge as a top-notch alliance with more than 1500 people working diligently to make it bigger and better. When such companies entrust us with their reputation, we leave no stone unturned to deliver a solution at par with their brand value.

Our Role

Tache Diamonds, the conference organizer, partnered with Exponents when planning this groundbreaking event. Our task was to handle booths for their sponsors, managing all aspects related to shipping, logistics, installation, and dismantling. They required

The Challenges

Being leaders in their own domain, Tache Diamonds had chosen to attend JCK Las Vegas- North America’s biggest trade event for jewelry industry. Converging more than 2300 exhibitors from across the globe and over 30,000 industry professionals in a single arena, this event was surely a crucial one. Tache Diamonds was clear about their needs and willing to leave a mark. They required:

1.  A premium looking booth that highlights their expertise and experience.

2.  A booth design that can attract the right eyes and help visitors recognize their brand instantly.

3.  A high-quality booth construction that exudes their brand’s identity perfectly.

Our Solution


We took to the job whole-heartedly and driven by their demands, proposed a 10×30 booth display. As they were frequent exhibitors, they willingly took on our advice and purchased our booth for future trade show success. We gave them:

1.  A high-end booth design that reflected their repute and lured in leads from all directions.

2.  Ample space inside the booth to divide the visitors and make room for discussion.

3.  Great ambiance and soft lighting for generating a de-cluttered, professional environment.

4.  The perfect minimal backdrop that matched their high-quality standards.

The Results

We hit all the right notes and our hard work paid off.

1.  The booth design captured decision-makers’ attention in no time and the company garnered more leads than contemplated.

2.  The design showed off the company’s prominence and leading mark in the industry.

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