Conceptual Design for CCW 2021 - Las Vegas



Observe AI – CCW 2021 – Las Vegas, NV – Industry: Artificial Intelligence
Exhibitor Background

Observe. AI is an Intelligent Workforce Platform that uses AI to improve the customer experience, increase agent effectiveness, and reveal insights in seconds, all of which contribute to a better customer experience.

Create a scalable and repeatable strategy for evaluating interactions, enabling your team to execute their best job in half the time, and improving satisfaction metrics that drive revenue and retention.

Case Study for Observe AI

The Challenge

The CCW 2021 was one of the year’s most important events for Observe AI. The industry-leading event was held in Las Vegas and drew over 5000 guests and exhibitors.

This event’s goal was to boost brand awareness in the competitive education AI business. And, knowing that their display would be viewed by thousands of people, including hundreds of rivals, Observe relied on the specialists at Exponents to design, create, and deliver a great product and experience that would kick-start their fall trade show season. The obstacles were a limited deadline, among other things, with around 2 months to provide a finished product.

Challenges and Requirements

The objective was to provide an exciting and welcoming, multi-use space that draws attendees in and to serve the purpose as a place to educate attendees through demonstration, presentation as well as a place to host meetings.

  1.  Carpet Flooring
  2.  2 TV Monitor 40”, 75” each
  3.  Barstool
  4.  Demo Counter LC-57
  5.  Reception
  6.  Ottoman

The Solution

The design and construction of a simple and attractive booth was part of the creative planning for the display area. The 200 sqft with 12″ padding Carpet Flooring and Demo Counter where the exhibitor could educate visitors and present items digitally on wall-mounted screens were both constructed at the same time. And each exhibitor’s display was carefully arranged throughout the show to optimize standing and walking space as well as seats.

The illuminated walls produced a bright and open setting, which added a distinctive touch to the booth’s AI concept. Padding Carpet carpeting completed the sleek appearance that Observe was aiming for.

To help meet budget criteria, the Exponents Project Management team ensured that all necessary service orders were issued with show contractors on schedule. Observe saved hundreds of dollars in electricity and on-site labor expenditures as a result of this. Rental furniture of high quality was also made available at a moderate cost.

The Results

Observe AI displayed a gorgeous booth and had an overall fantastic trade fair experience thanks to Exponents. In reality, the exhibitor met their target of generating high-quality potential leads.

The on-site Exponents Supervision team’s 24-hour availability adds to the exhibitor’s flawless event experience.