Frequently Asked Questions


How do I choose the right trade show booth for my organization?

With so much information available on the internet within one’s reach, have indeed made the choice to select the right trade show booth difficultly. But interestingly we got you covered! We understand the fact that each organization is different and unique and so are their needs and wants. You can choose to either Rent or Buy and our team of experts will design your trade show booths just the way you want it to be!

Does the Exhibition booth include lighting?

Yes, our trade show booths come with lighting and we have variety of lighting options available. Our full-blown lighting system lights up the whole booth, creates zones, highlights important brand messages, and sets the mood using ambient or coloured lights. Lighting plays a focal part in a trade show booth and can bring out the design of your booth and make it more interesting.

Can I have custom features on my booth?

Yes, you absolutely can! We custom build trade show booths to reflect the company and brand’s perspective. Apart from booth customization on design and features, you can also customize graphics, flooring, and display areas too!

Can my trade show booth integrate multimedia?

Using multimedia in your trade show booth not only heightens your image but is a great crowd puller! You can attract and garner the attention of many by integrating multimedia media in your booth. We have variety of options ranging from TV screens, monitors, computers/touch-screens. Unsure of what multimedia to use? Our team will walk you through the various options and help you choose the best fit.

Do you offer booth graphics printing?

Yes, we have large-format graphics production that is high-quality and can print all types of tradeshow graphics. Our production team takes great care to make sure your trade show graphics are perfect for your display.

What graphics can I put on my wall panels?

Our graphics team can help you create a seamless graphic panel. Vinyl stickers or double-sided tape can easily be attached to your wall. However, permanent fixings such as hook, screw, nail, or paint are not allowed. We need to ensure that all of our panels are in great condition to be used again.

Who will own the graphics for the sponsor booths?

Since the graphics are custom printed as per the sponsor’s marketing message, they are purchased. When you rent, you only rent the hardware, not the graphics. However, if you re-rent the same exhibit and reuse your graphics, you can subtract the cost of the graphics, making the second rental less expensive.

Do you offer flooring with your booth?

Yes, flooring is included with our booth package. Don’t like what you see? You can customize the design of flooring according to the brands requirement.

What is drayage?

Drayage or material handling is the process of delivering exhibitor and organizer displays to booths. The convention center usually handles this task. It may include empty crates, storage boxes, redelivery of boxes after show close, and transportation back from the loading dock to be shipped to the next destination.

Are your exhibition stands easy to install and dismantle?

Most of our exhibition stands are designed in self-build modules and can be set up in minutes and require no tools. The instruction to set up and dismantle the exhibition stand is clearly stated down while handing over the stand. While most of them choose to build it for themselves, some lookout for help and we do cater to installation and dismantle service on request.

For multiple show, does Exponents offer storage services if I choose to reuse the same graphics for a future conference?

Yes, we do offer storage services. If there’s a commitment to re-use the same conference exhibit design for a future event or events we offer storage service at discounted rates. We have warehouses in San Diego, Las Vegas and Orlando, your conference booth material is stored at a facility nearest to the event location.

How can I be sure of a high-quality exhibit and that the graphics will fit correctly?

Weeks before the real conference we pre-build your exhibit at our prebuilding facility nearest to the show location. Here our team checks for any quality and fit issues before folding and packing the exhibit ready to ship to the fairground.

Who handles wire management for demo-stations and kiosks?

We at Exponents provide end-to-end conference booth solutions, electrical and AV management being an integral part of our services. There are multiple ways in which wire management is taken up for demo stations and kiosks. The overall exhibit design, your product or service demo needs, the number of your employees at the exhibit, and the frequency of demos decide ways to manage your electrical wires and plugs. Our project manager would be in touch with you at all times to get you the optimum solutions.


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