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SEMICON West 2024 at Moscone Center is a key event for semiconductor industry exhibitors. It provides unmatched exposure to global leaders, a platform to present innovations, and opportunities for networking and insights into trends.

We offer comprehensive trade show booth rental services tailored for electronics supply chain exhibitors at events in San Francisco. From initial concept to installation, teardown, and logistics, we manage every aspect of your San Francisco trade show exhibit. With our all-inclusive services, you can concentrate on maximizing your event experience, hassle-free.

Our California-based facility is a few hours’ drive from the event venue, ensuring your booth is delivered on schedule. We conduct pre-assembly of your San Francisco trade show exhibit at our premises for a thorough quality inspection.

Our unique 100% pre-build service is designed to perfect your trade show presence. We pre-assemble your exhibit, and then send you photos and videos for approval, ensuring a seamless setup when the big day arrives.

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About Semicon West

SEMICON West 2024 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco from July 9 to 11 offers you a pivotal platform to showcase your latest innovations in the semiconductor industry. This event stands as a beacon for innovation, collaboration, and discussion on key challenges such as supply chain disruptions, climate change, and talent shortages. As an exhibitor, your company gains unparalleled exposure to a global audience of industry leaders and decision-makers, keen on exploring cutting-edge solutions and technologies.

The value of exhibiting extends beyond product demonstration. It’s a prime opportunity for networking, allowing you to connect with potential customers, partners, and collaborators, thereby driving your business forward. SEMICON West also ensures your brand and products are promoted across various channels for maximum visibility, enhancing your brand’s credibility within the industry.

Moreover, your participation positions you at the forefront of industry trends and emerging technologies, thanks to the event’s comprehensive sessions and programs. This knowledge is invaluable for maintaining a competitive edge.

For you, SEMICON West 2024 is not just an event but a strategic move to cement your role in shaping the future of the semiconductor industry.

What distinguishes our booth rental services from others in the market?

700+ Customizable booth designs

Dive into our extensive collection of over 700 trade show booth designs, each fully customizable to ensure your presence is the highlight at SEMICON West.

Quick turnaround time

Benefit from our swift service, guaranteeing a detailed quote and a 3D design of your booth within just four business days.

Turnkey solutions

Our comprehensive service package covers all aspects of your trade show booth rental for SEMICON West. From the initial concept and construction to logistics including transportation, installation, and dismantling, we manage it all.

Transparent pricing

Take advantage of our transparent pricing model, offering you an upfront quote for complete financial clarity. Say goodbye to surprise costs and streamline your budget planning process.

Project management

Our project managers are dedicated to realizing your vision for SEMICON West. They will support you through each phase, overseeing graphic production and liaising with SEMICON West officials for necessary approvals.

In-house facilities

Leverage our strategic advantage with our local in-house facility based in San Diego, CA📍. This proximity allows us to offer quick, efficient, and responsive services for your SEMICON West booth, ensuring a smooth and successful event experience.

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