Trade show booths in Las Vegas for a standout experience at LeadsCon 2024

The electrifying atmosphere, engaging discussions, and boundless connections make LeadsCon an unforgettable experience! This largest lead generation event will occur from April 8 – 10, 2024, at the Paris Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas.

We, Exponents, one of the USA’s leading booth designers and builders, are here to help you exhibit an eye-catching trade show booth rental in Las Vegas. Our designers excel at crafting booths that are visually striking and resonate with your brand’s unique character.

Our in-house Las Vegas facility is near the event venue, making us an ideal partner for your trade show success. We provide a 100% pre-build guarantee, where your rental exhibit is pre-assembled and checked for perfection before it departs our workshop.

In addition to stunning trade show booth designs, we offer comprehensive logistical support to ensure a hassle-free exhibiting experience. Our services extend beyond booth creation; we handle every installation, dismantling, and transportation aspect.

Ready to elevate your trade show experience? Contact us today at 800-639-1174 or email to begin your journey to a remarkable trade show presence!

About LeadsCon 2024

LeadsCon 2024 is the world’s premier conference and exposition dedicated to lead generation. This event attracts a diverse audience, including Fortune 1000 marketers, lead buyers, procurement teams, agencies, and affiliates, making it an unmissable opportunity for you to showcase your business.

Over three days, you can benefit from unparalleled networking opportunities, engaging meetings, and insightful content from lead generation experts. Whether your focus is generating, buying, distributing, or measuring leads, LeadsCon 2024 is the place to be.

The event will host professionals from 25 key verticals, encompassing mortgage/lending, auto, healthcare, insurance, fintech, education, legal, home services, and retail. This diversity offers a unique chance for you to connect with potential clients across various industries.

With over 3,000 lead generation professionals under one roof, LeadsCon 2024 promises to be a pivotal event for networking and business growth. Exhibit with an attractive trade show booth to be part of this vibrant gathering where you can expand your reach, learn from the best, and take your business to new heights.

Why trust us for trade show booth rental in Las Vegas?

With four decades of booth design and construction excellence, we are a perfect choice for your trade show needs. Here’s why we are your ideal choice:

700+ Customizable Booth Designs

Our vast array of trade show booth designs offers endless creative possibilities to suit your brand’s unique needs.

Quick Turnaround

We deliver a detailed 3D design and quote within five business days.

Complete Turnkey Services

Our solutions cover everything from design and building to shipping, installation, and breakdown, ensuring a smooth trade show experience.

Transparent Pricing

Our pricing is transparent, with no hidden costs, allowing for straightforward budgeting and financial planning.

Dedicated Project Management

Benefit from a dedicated project manager who oversees every detail of your booth, including logistics, graphic design, and on-site coordination.

In-House Facility

Our in-house facility📍 is just 12 miles away from the event venue, making us an ideal booth partner for you.

Reserve your booth, and leave the rest to us!

Choosing the perfect trade show booth design is now a breeze!

Pick from our wide range of pre-designed booths that you can customize to fit your requirements in just 3 clicks!

Check out some of our work!

From practical linear exhibits to large island booths, we do it all!

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