Why Choose a Custom Trade Show Exhibits from Exponents

When you’re exhibiting at a trade show, visibility is everything. Trade shows are crowded, busy environments in which most attendees don’t always have the opportunity to spend time in every booth. Even if they do visit every booth, they are certainly not going to remember every brand they see during the event most trade show attendees will only be able to clearly recall a handful of businesses they’ve seen at an expo.

That is why we emphasize on designs of trade show exhibit booths. We have a wide range of customizable designs starting from 10×10 Inline booths through small 20X20 islands to big 50×50 island spaces. All you need to do is browse through our curated catalog of custom trade show design, select the one that suits your exhibiting needs, budget, or your fancy and we will tailor it to your specific needs.

And we don’t charge you anything extra, no incidental costs, no additional labor cost. We are transparent with our pricing policy. You pay what you see, nothing more.

Given 30 years of industry experience, we specialize in manufacturing high-quality trade show exhibit booths. We have a complete in-house manufacturing facility in San Deigo and Orlando, where we build and assemble your trade show exhibit booths.

Not only we manufacture your custom trade show displays but we also print its graphics. So you get a complete booth ready for your trade show event.

We also pre-build your exhibit at our manufacturing facility and let you see the tradeshow exhibit when it is ready before we deliver it to you.

And lastly, we do complete project management, installation and dismantling, reverse logistics, in fact, we even assign you a dedicated project manager to take care of your trade show exhibit booth queries and needs ensuring a stress-free experience.

Why go for custom exhibit booths for your next trade show event?

Displaying a custom exhibit offers several benefits for your business. For one, you’re able to take advantage of a wider range of custom trade show booth sizes and layouts than what’s possible with pre-designed rental exhibits, letting you present your business in your own unique way.

With a custom exhibit display, you can present your business exactly the way you’d like to. By designing your own custom trade show exhibit with the help of an industry professional, you are helping your brand stand out from the crowd of other exhibitors and maximize your results.

Another advantage of custom trade show exhibits is the ability it affords brands to let their display shine through the use of custom signage, technology, booth furniture, and more. This added flexibility allows for a specialized custom exhibit design that suits the client’s needs first. After all, when you are demoing your latest product, it’s important to provide a comfortable environment to talk to customers.

Custom exhibit booths give you a high level of control over your trade show exhibit design, layout, and features. From booth furniture to messaging, unique booth elements, and other features, you have total control over how your exhibit looks and feels. The end result is a smarter, better-looking, and more effective trade show exhibit that lets you stand out from the crowd, attract attention and generate a higher return on investment from any trade show, convention, or event.

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Want to get the most from your next trade show?

If you are ready to turn your custom trade show booths idea into a reality, we’re ready to guide you each step of the way. Exponents offer customers a complete custom exhibit design service for booths of all sizes, layouts, and types, letting brands create a booth that’s completely unique to their business.

You’ll probably want some eye-catching features and innovative custom exhibit design, as well as on-brand details that customers can only find in your booth. Well-designed, clearly branded trade show exhibits can have a huge, measurable impact on your results from a trade show or industry event. From attracting more attention to generating a higher number of leads, building a custom trade show exhibit lets you gain a significant advantage over your competitors — one that can translate into a higher return on investment.

Our custom trade show exhibit design service lets your business gain an edge, helping you attract more attention, generate more leads, make more sales, and achieve a higher ROI from your next trade show. From small 10’x10’ booths to large 50×50 exhibits, we can design custom booths and manufacture a massive range of customs exhibits. Our team works with businesses of all sizes, from startups to enterprise businesses and established brands.

If you have doubts or queries regarding how we build your custom exhibit displays what innovative ideas we take in, then we have answered it already!

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How would Exponents make my trade show exhibit booths differently than others?

Our approach to custom trade show exhibit design is simple: We turn your concept into a custom exhibit for your next convention or trade show. We let you pick from a varied collection of designs and customize it, making your selection unique and different from already defined designs.

Our custom trade show exhibit design process begins with a chat with our staff about what you need from your custom trade show exhibit design. Using your concept, we’ll prepare a detailed model of your booth using advanced 3D rendering software.

Is Exponents open to my involvement in designing my trade show exhibit booths?

Of course, we are!

Throughout the process, you can view your custom exhibit display before it’s manufactured, allowing you to provide input, feedback, and suggestions to optimize and improve its design. Once you’ve approved our design, our experienced manufacturing team can turn it into a real custom exhibit display for your next trade show.

When the day of your trade show, convention, or expo finally arrives, our team brings it to your event space and assembles it for you. All you need to do is show up ready to pitch and make sales!

How does Exponents keep a check on quality control?

We have two manufacturing units, one in San Diego and the other in Orlando.  These manufacturing hubs are well-equipped with best-in-class manufacturing. Our team manufactures your custom exhibit displays in-house completely, with no engagement of any other vendor to manufacture any components required for the exhibit.

We also have a printing setup at these units for booth graphics production. Your exhibit is all ready, from design to construction to graphics production everything done in-house to ensure total quality control.

Will I incur any surcharge logistics or labor fees?

Under one quoted price we take care of everything: complete manufacturing of custom trade show exhibit displays, transportation of the display to the event location, assembly and setup, dismantling after the show, on-site event supervision, project management, and even reverse logistics.

Interested in a custom trade show exhibit but don’t know where to start?

From quotations to advice and assistance, we’re here to help by providing actionable, effective custom trade show exhibit design ideas.

For more information on our services, real examples of our work, or any questions about our services, contact us at 1-800-639-1174 or via our contact page.

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