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Scheduled for June 19 & 20 in Anaheim at the Anaheim Convention Center, California, PCBC stands as an annual gathering dedicated to fostering progress in the multifaceted realm of housing. This event underscores the belief that the intersection of art, science, and business is crucial for crafting superior, more accessible homes and communities. If you want to participate and make an impression at the event, make sure you partner with Exponents for eye-catching trade show booth rentals. We promise to deliver an impressive 3D trade show booth design complemented by a transparent and detailed quote within four business days. We prioritize transparency, ensuring there are no unexpected fees – just clear, direct pricing, allowing exhibitors to plan effectively. Our California-based facility is strategically located to provide seamless support for all your exhibiting needs.

Recognizing the value of a seamless process, our seasoned project managers are committed to leading you through every step of your experience. From the initial design concept to the final dismantling, they will ensure that each element of your Anaheim trade show exhibit aligns flawlessly with your envisioned goals. Our dedication to efficient service is fundamental to the success of your display at PCBC 2024. Contact us today at 800-639-1174 or send an email to to explore the extensive array of our trade show booth rental offerings.

About PCBC 2024

PCBC, originally known as the Pacific Coast Builders Conference since its inception in 1959, has evolved from a modest educational gathering into a dynamic, four-day event. It now features an extensive exhibition showcase, high-level conferences, tailored buyer/seller exchanges, prestigious awards ceremonies, and exploratory housing tours. Designed for the innovators and leaders in homebuilding and community development, PCBC stands as a beacon for those looking to shape the future of the industry.

Exhibiting at the PCBC 2024 allows exhibitors like yourself to connect with top builders, developers, architects, and consultants from the West Coast. This is your chance to engage with decision-makers and create lasting business connections that can drive your success in the industry. The event also hosts various networking events that can help you gain valuable exposure within the building industry. Exhibiting here will increase your brand awareness and help position your company at the forefront of building industry.

Get your trade show booth rental for PCBC 2024 from Exponents today and make a mark on your target audience. Exponents provides all-inclusive booth rental services in Anaheim, ensuring your exhibit stands out with a distinctive and memorable presence, thereby ensuring you leave a significant mark among the varied displays at PCBC 2024

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700+ Customizable booth designs

Explore our vast selection of more than 700 trade show booth designs, each carefully designed to effectively convey your message.

Quick turnaround time

Receive a detailed quote and a visually striking 3D trade show booth design within a quick turnaround of only four business days.

Turnkey solutions

Our services cover every aspect of your trade show booth rental, including booth design, construction, transport, setup, and dismantling, offering you thorough assistance throughout each phase.

Transparent pricing

Our pricing model for trade show booth rentals is straightforward and transparent to facilitate easy and informed decision making.

Project management

Trust our project managers to expertly manage your trade show booth rental at PCBC 2024, ensuring you are updated and informed at every step.

In-house facilities

Our California-based facility 📍 is strategically located less than 2 hours from the event venue to provide seamless support for all your exhibiting needs.

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