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The AAOS 2024 Annual Meeting brings together orthopedic professionals worldwide, fostering innovation, education, and collaboration. In this dynamic setting, Exponents is the go-to resource for exhibitors aiming to make a lasting impact.

With over four decades of experience, Exponents has created numerous trade show booth rentals and displays. At AAOS 2024, where the latest advancements in orthopedic science and technology are showcased, we stand ready to ensure you shine brightly amid a sea of innovation. We offer tailor-made solutions, from modular rental booths to intricate custom exhibits that resonate.

We handle logistical and installation challenges for trade shows, freeing you to focus on presenting and engaging with attendees. There are no hidden costs or unexpected hurdles – just a smooth, predictable, and optimized experience.

We also offer a 100% pre-build guarantee, where you can preview your rental exhibit before the show day. Every detail, from aesthetics to design, is planned and executed to meet the highest quality standards. Supervisors and skilled teams oversee booth installation and dismantling, ensuring seamless execution at every phase.

Exponents is your ally for AAOS 2024. Contact us today at 800-639-1174 or email us at to get started on your exhibit rental journey

About AAOS 2024

The annual meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) is set to take place from February 12 to February 16 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California. This event is for orthopedic professionals seeking to explore and exchange the latest clinical, scientific, and surgical technology and practice management knowledge. As the world’s largest orthopedic education event, AAOS 2024 offers a diverse program with ample learning and networking opportunities.

More than 600 companies gather to showcase cutting-edge solutions that aim to boost practice standards and transform patient care. It is a platform where professionals converge to discover new products, evaluate and compare them, and gain insights through presentations and demonstrations.

A reimagined approach further enhances this experience at AAOS 2024. Empowered by leaders in the field and innovative industry players, the event is designed to be a powerful week of education, innovation, and collaboration, marking it as a cornerstone event in the global orthopedic community’s calendar.

Exhibitors at AAOS 2024 seeking to maximize their presence and engagement will find a valuable partner in Exponents. Exponents has a rich legacy of creating impactful trade show displays.

Why is Exponents the right partner for your AAOS 2024 exhibits?

Make a statement at AAOS 2024 with Exponents, your dedicated partner in creating an unforgettable exhibit experience. Here’s why partnering with us leads to a trade show exhibit that becomes the talk of the event:

700+ customizable booth designs

Explore a mix of over 700 trade show booth designs in San Francisco online. Every piece presents an opportunity for personalization, allowing you to showcase your individuality.

Swift turnaround time

Trust us with your vision, and within five business days, we’ll bring it to life with a detailed quote and a meticulously crafted 3D booth design.

Turnkey solutions

No more juggling vendors. Exponents is your all-in-one partner. Design, build, ship, install, and dismantle – every step, executed flawlessly, under one roof.

Transparent pricing

Navigate your budget easily with our clear pricing – no hidden charges, no unexpected surprises – just straightforward costs that align with your budgetary expectations.

Dedicated project management

Our project managers ensure your exhibit unfolds just as envisioned, from graphics to on-site coordination.

In-house facilities

Our California-based facility is fully equipped to provide prompt assistance in building and delivering display rentals for AAOS 2024.

Reserve your booth, and leave the rest to us!

Discover over 700 design options and choose a customizable design idea in just 3 clicks!

Check out some of our work at AAOS !

From practical linear exhibits to large island booths, we do it all!

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10×20 Trade Show Exhibit Rental AT AAOS show 2024, San Francisco


10×20 Exhibit Booth AT AAOS show 2024, San Francisco


10×20 Trade Show Booth AT AAOS 2024, San Francisco


10×20 Trade Show Exhibit AT AAOS Show 2024, San Francisco


10×10 Trade Show Exhibit AT AAOS show 2024, San Francisco


20×30 Trade Show Exhibit AT AAOS show 2024, San Francisco

Let’s make your AAOS presence unforgettable!