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When: December 2–6, 2024   Where: Las Vegas

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SAP Insider

20x20 Trade Show Booth Rental AT SAP Insider Show 2024, Las Vegas, NV

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20x30 Trade Show Booth Rental AT NAHB IBS Show 2024, Las Vegas, NV


20x40 Trade Show Exhibit AT KBIS Show 2024, Las Vegas, NV

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The AWS Reinvent scheduled to be held from December 2–6, 2024 , in Las Vegas Nevada is the year’s annual conclave of professionals, corporate executives, and tech enthusiasts belonging to the Amazon Web Services family. An initiative of Amazon Web Services, the conference is set to define new benchmarks in the digital content marketing vertical and associated domains. With 112 brand exhibitors and a new vision to redefine existing patterns of digital content distribution and marketing, the AWS Reinvent provides an immersive and engaging digital experience for participants to get a first-hand account of Amazon’s experiential marketing and technology aimed at delivering great customer experiences and journeys. The exhibition and marketplace are all set to unveil new models of monetization of digital content, novel user experiences of immersive technologies, and state-of-the-art experiential marketing from the Amazon Web services fraternity. Featuring keynote address sessions from Peter DeSantis, Global VP, AWS Infrastructure, Andy Jassy, CEO, Amazon Web Services, and Werner Vogels, the Chief Technology Officer, Amazon.com, the trade show exhibition is all set to rewrite the rules of visitor engagement and experiences.

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With an award-winning, a suite of the most visually engaging trade show booth rentals and exhibit, Exponents enables exhibitor brands to rewrite the rules of visitor engagement and brand messaging at the AWS Reinvent. With unorthodox and uniquely custom designed reusable trade show booth rentals made with Exponents’ in-house booth manufacturing technology, exhibitor brands get to adopt best in class visual display marketing to attract visitors, convey offerings and build traffic. Exhibitors get to access a full suite of on-ground support services from a dedicated team to construct, install, monitor, dismantle, store and ship the trade show booth rentals during and after the trade show event to set free of the hassles of trade show booth management.

Amazon Web Services Presents AWS: Reinvent 2024

Delight visitors at the trade show with amazingly striking and responsive booth rentals and exhibits that integrate seamlessly with new age immersive tech gadgetry and devices to redefine content marketing in the evolving digital tech landscape. Announce brand offers, convey unique selling point and pull visitors with superb brand graphic printed trade show booth rentals. Save costs, resources, and efforts for trade show booth at Las Vegas management with a full suite of on-ground support services.