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20'x20' Custom Trade Show Rental Booth Design @ S&H, San Francisco

Tungco Inc

20'x20' CUSTOM RENTAL BOOTH at IMTS2022, Chicago, IL


30x30 Custom Trade Show Booth AT NPE Show 2024, Orlando, FL


15'X20' Custom Rental Booth @ NIPS, Long Beach

Nitto Group @ Idea, Boston


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CREF: Annual Continuing Medical Education Conference

The Annual Cardiothoracic Surgery Symposium is the major continuing medical education conference and trade show event in the community of doctors, medical professionals, corporate executives and vendors dealing in cardiopulmonary bypass and extracorporeal perfusion. The continuing medical education event offers the widest platform for rigorous dialogue on blood management, ECLS training & management, cardiac surgery team updates, myocardial protection, safety, and quality improvement, electronic medical records, renal and neurological protection. 

Exponents Offer Trade Show Booth Rentals To CREF Participants

Exponents offer trade show booth rentals that are constructed using its in-house booth manufacturing technology and are flexible and budget friendly. With an award-winning brand of trade show project marketing excellence, participants at CREF get access to dedicated teams of in-house trade show booth designers and support services personnel for the construction, deployment, supervision, dismantling and drayage of the trade show booth rentals and exhibits. Exponents’ custom designed trade show booth rentals are engineered to lend voice to the unique personality and image of a brand, scale up brand messaging and convey value propositions to visitors at a glance for maximum and instantaneous visual sensory experience.


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Deploy best in class, affordable and reusable trade show booth rentals that are imprinted with large scale brand graphics to add a new dimension to marketing communication on the floor of the trade show. Steer clear of competition to announce brand presence, offerings and unique selling point to the audience in the most simplistic and sophisticated ways. Generate qualified leads, engage in meaningful meetings and capture the attention of decision-makers for enhanced B2B sales opportunities with Exponents’ innovation and expertise in offering turnkey trade show booth rentals. Get on ground logistical support throughout all stages of the event.

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