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When: May 7-9, 2024  Where: Las Vegas

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 Where innovation meets aesthetics: Our booth designs for IAITAM

IAITAM Spring to be held from May 7 to 9, 2024 in Las Vegas Marina is the world’s largest information technology asset management conference featuring with attendees from a cross-section of industry verticals, geographies, and management levels. The three-day event is poised to garner the participation of the world’s leading brands of information technology, software and computing hardware and attendance from corporate executives, legal professionals, licensing professionals, procurement professionals, finance managers, and IT professionals. Featuring exclusive opportunities for product demonstrations, educational lectures, workshops, and interactive sessions and networking opportunities, IAITAM Spring 2024 promises to be the single largest platform for professional and business learning in the information technology asset management domain in the United States of America.

Augment Brand Potential With Trade Show Booth Marketing Services From Exponents

Exponents enables participating brands at the IAITAM Spring 2024 to share stage with the glitterati of information technology asset management function to augment brand potential, showcase product and service offerings and project value proposition to the target audience with made to order trade show booth designs engineered by a team of dedicated in-house designers and using the licensed manufacturing technology. Channelize insights on brand positioning, display premium technologies and demonstrate cutting edge IT products with sleek and stylish trade show booth designs that embellish visitor interfaces and touch points. Integrate trade show booth designs with add-on marketing artillery and immersive technologies to define and convey strategic positioning for B2B marketing to business leaders from prospect enterprises and generate qualified leads to explore business development opportunities. Stay in the hunt for prospects, explore goldmines of high-quality leads and tap opportunities to access insider information from peers to open doors of new client acquisition while engaging in conversations in an aesthetically designed trade show booth.

Exponents’ Turnkey Solutions Maximize Trade Show Roi For Brands

Exponent’s turkey solutions for trade show project management are relied upon by the world’s leading enterprises to achieve the maximum return on investment in trade show participation. From exquisitely designed reusable trade show booth rentals to dedicated staff for on-ground support services of installation, on-site supervision, dismantling and logistical support for after show warehousing and preventive maintenance, Exponents offers a complete suite of demand driven services to enable marketing teams of client brands to make sense of trade show booth rentals at San Diego.

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