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When: March 10 – 13, 2025  Where:Pittsburgh, PA

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Custom Trade Show Booth Rentals iHealth – AMIA

AMIA 2024 Clinical Informatics Conference to be held in Pittsburgh, PA from March 10 – 13,2025 is the ultimate conclave of clinical information professionals, health care statisticians, doctors and developers and funders of health care information technology services in the United States of America that converges the new age three fold paths of evidence, analytics and best practices for better, insights-driven and actionable health care solutions.

An initiative of AMIA, the premier association of health care informatics professionals, doctors, clinical information technology enterprises and developers and users of health care data, it is the biggest platform in the country that is revolutionizing the health care practice by incorporating cutting edge data-driven insights and decision making by leveraging clinical information technology services, skills and core competencies.

With workshops, presentations, panels, plenary sessions and demonstrations on health care informatics, the event offers a multitude of opportunities to high performance health care informatics brands, vendors, developers, tech funders and doctors to engage in knowledge enhancement, sharing of insights and learning of latest trends in clinical informatics and network with peers and colleagues.

Exponents Drive Clinical Informatics Trade Show Experience At AMIA 2024

Exponents drive the trade show marketing experience for clinical informatics brands and enterprises at AMIA 2024 by offering trade show booth rental services that enhance visitor learning for precise understanding, crystal clear visualization and long-lasting memory. Using in-house trade show booth manufacturing technology, Exponent’s team of booth designers deliver customized trade show booth designs to optimize brand positioning, spell out health care informatics product differentiation and announce pricing offers and publicize R&D initiatives in health care informatics with pixel perfect audio-visual aids to the visitors at the trade show.

Exponents’ Trade Show Booth Rentals Augment Learning At A Glance

Deploy feedback enabled marketing communication model to augment visitor learning and register long-lasting memory imprints with custom designed trade show booth rentals. Deploy stand-out trade show booth rentals to communicate brand messaging at a glance and receive feedback for high-quality lead generation, business development and networking with industry vertical contemporaries. Unlock economies of scale by installing reusable trade show booth rentals at Atlanta across the marketing calendar. Rationalize costs, resource engagements and turnaround times with booth construction, dismantling and drayage services from Exponents.

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