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When: October 22 – 24, 2024   Where: Virtually

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20x20 Exhibit Booth Rental AT RSA Show 2024, San Francisco, CA


20x20 Trade Show Booths AT Nyscc Suppliers Show 2024, New York


30x30 Exhibit Booth AT NAB Show 2024, Las Vegas, NV

KP Aviation

20x40 Trade Show Exhibit Rental AT MRO Americas Show 2024, Chicago, IL

Yantai China Pet Food

20x30 Trade Show Booth AT Global Pet Expo Show 2024, Orlando, FL

Prime Robotics

30x50 Trade Show Exhibit AT Modex Show 2024, Atlanta, GA

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Internet Librarian: Promoting Digital Enablement Of Library Science

The Internet Librarian 2024 scheduled to be held Virtually from October 22 – 24, 2024the premier library science education workshop and trade show event in the United States of America to promote, augment and share insights, emerging technologies, and techniques for the digital enablement of libraries. Themed on the confluence of communities, collections and collaboration, the trade show event aims to bring together communities of stakeholder groups for an all-inclusive summit to discuss, debate and demonstrate new age methodologies in the management of book inventories, stretching global membership of libraries across boundaries and encouraging collaboration among communities of readers with access to digital content. With a rich diversity of tracks to be pursued for dialogue and discussion on best practices, value creation, and commercial engagements, the event is poised to witness a large congregation of academic, corporate, government and special librarians, information managers information architects, systems professionals, content managers, and technical managers.

Exponents Offer Trade Show Project Marketing Expertise To Exhibitors

Exponents lend support to exhibitors at Internet Librarian 2020 by offering its expertise and experience of trade show project marketing to enable them to drive content marketing excellence with visually creative and amazingly beautiful trade show booth rentals of flexible sizes that are custom designed by in-house designers using indigenous booth manufacturing technology. With a globally acclaimed and recognized suite of brand-centric trade show booth rentals and on ground support services for the construction, installation, monitoring, dismantling and drayage of the booth rentals, Exponents lifts the trade show participation experience for exhibitors. Exhibitors get to deploy reusable and budget-friendly trade show booth rentals that accurately mirror brand properties, depict unique selling proposition and register memorable brand impressions.

Amplify Brand Outreach With Trade Show Exhibits And Displays From Exponents

Expand brand outreach with trade show exhibits from Exponents to narrate brand stories to the visitors, build trust through visually unique physical evidence of brand features, functionality and performance and engage visitors in productive meetings inside the trade show booth premises to generate qualified leads for sales. Optimize the return on investment in trade show marketing with a dedicated team of staff for on ground support services of booth construction, installation, supervision, dismantling and drayage of the trade show booths.

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