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A standard booth won’t grab anyone’s attention in the dynamic entertainment technology industry. Exponents specializes in crafting unique trade show booth designs and offering full-service rental exhibits in Las Vegas, allowing you to establish a remarkable presence at LDI – The Entertainment Technology Show.

With our four decades of experience and an impressive track record, we have the expertise to leave a lasting impact. Our team will take care of the entire process, from the initial 3D design to post-event booth disassembly. Entrust all logistical aspects to us, allowing you to focus on showcasing your best in the entertainment technology field.

Before the event, we’ll pre-build your trade show booth in our Las Vegas facility and provide you with photos and videos for a preview of its functionality, addressing any concerns in advance.

Let us assist you in leaving a memorable impression at LDI and beyond! Contact us today at 800.639.1174 or email us at to discuss your trade show booth rental needs and start crafting your standout LDI 2023 presence.

If you have an upcoming convention in Orlando FL, connect with us on 800.639.1174 or write us at for a stress free booth rental.

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20x20 Custom Rental Trade Show Booth in Orlando


10'x20' Trade Show Booth Rental at RDH Under One Roof 2022, Orlando, FL


10'x20' Custom Rental Booth @ AZA, Seattle

Relief band Technologies

20'x20' Custom Trade Show Rental Booth at CES, Las Vegas

Turck Inn

20x30 Trade Show Booths AT IFPE & Con Expo-Con/ ACG 2023, Las Vegas, NV

Onco Cloud

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