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The Riverside Home & Garden Show stands as a pivotal marketplace for exhibitors in home improvement and gardening, offering a chance to connect with homeowners seeking enhancements. With over 40 years of experience in the trade show industry, we’re here to ensure your trade show exhibit at Riverside for The Riverside Home And Backyard Show 2024, California, is a standout success.

We aim to distinguish your brand from the competition and captivate attendees by offering a full suite of services including booth consultation, design and construction, graphic production, project management, as well as setup and teardown. Also, our facility is located in San Diego, close to the Riverside. This means we can quickly and easily provide support whenever you need it during the event.

We provide a 100% pre-build service, effectively a dress rehearsal for your trade show booth rental in Riverside. This involves pre-assembling your exhibit and supplying photos and videos for your approval, ensuring everything is perfect ahead of the show. With our team handling every aspect of your booth, you’re free to concentrate on networking and leveraging the opportunities at the show, confident that your trade show booth will leave a lasting impression. For a seamless and impactful trade show experience at The Riverside Home And Backyard Show 2024, contact us at 800-639-1174 or

About The Riverside Home And Backyard Show 2024

The Riverside Home & Garden Show, set for July 12-14, 2024, at the Riverside Convention Center, Riverside, California is an ideal venue for exhibitors like you in the home improvement and gardening sector. Celebrating nearly three decades of success, the event has become a pivotal marketplace where exhibitors like you can showcase your products and services to a broad audience of homeowners ready to enhance their living spaces.

For exhibitors, this expo represents an unparalleled opportunity to directly interact with potential customers, gain valuable insights into your preferences, and fine-tune sales strategies accordingly.

Scheduled during the summer and set in an attractive location, it promises a high turnout of attendees eager to explore home improvement solutions. You can gain valuable sales leads and the chance to strengthen your brand in the competitive home and garden industry.

The show’s long-standing reputation adds credibility and attracts further business opportunities. In essence, the Riverside Home & Garden Show is a key event for vendors aiming to increase their market presence and connect with dedicated homeowners.

What sets our booth rentals apart from the competition?

700+ Customizable booth designs

Explore our vast array of over 700 trade show booth design ideas, all customizable to guarantee your booth shines at The Riverside Home And Backyard Show 2024.

Quick turnaround time

Benefit from our quick turnaround time with a detailed quote and a custom 3D booth design in your hands within merely four business days.

Turnkey solutions

Our all-encompassing turnkey package takes care of every detail of your trade show booth rental for The Riverside Home And Backyard Show 2024. From design and build to logistics including transportation, setup, and breakdown, we handle it all.

Transparent pricing

Enjoy clear, upfront pricing with our transparent pricing policy, ensuring no unexpected costs arise, and simplifying your budgeting process.

Project management

Our dedicated project managers will bring your vision to life, assisting you through every phase, from graphic design to coordination with The Riverside Home And Backyard Show organizers for any required approvals.

In-house facility

Leverage our conveniently located in-house facility in San Diego📍, providing us with a logistical advantage to deliver fast and efficient services specifically catered to your needs for The Riverside Home And Backyard Show 2024.

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