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Set to take place on June 15-16, 2024, at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Nevada, The MAC Show stands out as a top-tier gathering for aficionados of firearms and blades. Hosted in the iconic city of Las Vegas, this event promises an extensive showcase of antique firearms. Leveraging over four decades of expertise, we excel in delivering full-service trade show booth rentals in Las Vegas. Our focus is to create a display for you at MAC Show 2024 that grabs the audience’s attention and allows you to shine while presenting your offerings. Our local facility in Las Vegas is about 10 miles from  the venue, making us an ideal partner for your booth needs.

Understanding your unique needs, our talented designers craft custom trade show booth Rentals in Las Vegas. Working closely with you, we aim to understand your vision and objectives. The result is a booth design that truly reflects your brand’s character and the spirit of MAC Show 2024. We take pride in our commitment to perfection, which includes our 100% pre-build guarantee. This means we assemble and check your trade show booth rental before it leaves our premises. Begin your worry-free trade show journey with us.

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About MAC Show 2024

The MAC Show presents a prime platform for exhibitors specializing in firearms, knives, and related gear to connect with a passionate audience. Taking place in the vibrant city of Las Vegas, this event is an ideal venue for showcasing a diverse array of products, from antique firearms and combat knives to hunting and fishing equipment, as well as safety and storage solutions like holsters and gun safes. With its focus on antique pistols, rifles, air guns, and an assortment of collectibles including Indian artifacts, the show attracts enthusiasts eager to explore and purchase unique items, offering exhibitors unparalleled access to engaged customers.

In addition to product displays, the MAC Show emphasizes a secure and educational experience for both vendors and visitors. The event includes survival training and informative sessions designed to enrich attendees’ knowledge of the firearms and knives industry, fostering a deeper appreciation and understanding of the trade. This educational aspect creates a valuable opportunity for exhibitors to not only sell products but also to position themselves as industry leaders by contributing to the learning experience. Exhibitors will benefit from the show’s comprehensive approach, combining sales opportunities with the chance to educate and interact with a wide audience interested in the firearms and knives sector.

Why choose Exponents for your MAC Show 2024 booth rental?

700+ Customizable booth designs

Explore our vast selection of 700+ trade show booth designs, all customizable to reflect your unique brand vision.

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Receive a complete quote and 3D booth design within four days.

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Our all-encompassing offering covers the entire process! From design and build to shipping, installation, and dismantling of your trade show exhibit rental, we’ve got it all handled.

Transparent pricing

Our clear pricing ensures easy budgeting without hidden fees.

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Our project managers work closely with you for seamless booth graphics production and event coordination.

In-house facilities

Our Las Vegas facility 📍, located under 10 miles from the Venetian Expo, ensures fast service for your exhibition needs.

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