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When: August 19-22, 2024Where: Las Vegas, NV

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UBC Milwright

10x30 Booth Rentals AT Hydrovision 2023, Charlotte

Siemens @ Power Gen Show, Orlando


10x20 Custom Rental Booth @ Knowledge, Las Vegas


20x20 Trade Show Booth Rentals AT ASCO 2023, Chicago


10x20 Rental Booth at Money 2020, Las Vegas

MGI Golf Aus

20'x30'  BOOTH RENTAL at PGA 2023, Orlando, FL

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Custom Trade Show Booth Rentals NPPA

National Pharmacy Purchasing Association: Unified Voice Of The Profession

The Annual NPPA Conference scheduled to be held from August 19-22, 2024 in Horseshoe Las Vegas, Nevada is the apex level summit of pharmacy purchasing professionals and GPO executives in the United States of America. Featuring 358 attendees and 114 exhibitor pharmacy brands and vendors, the NPPA Conference 2024 promises to be the biggest conference in the pharmacy  vertical in the country with unparalleled avenues for advance level deliberations, demonstrations, and dialogue on the evolving dynamics of the industry, existing and emerging pharmaceutical capabilities and insights on new age research and development initiatives. The National Pharmacy Purchasing Association brings together the most powerful voices in the industry for an all-inclusive dialogue on best buyer practices, continuing education and ample opportunities for professional growth through networking and face to face conversations with peers and colleagues.

Exponents Drive Visitor Experiences With Trade Show Project Marketing

Exponents offer its trade show project marketing expertise and experience to exhibitors at the NPPA Conference 2024 to drive excellence of visitor experiences. With its in-house teams of trade show booth designers and dedicated staff for on-ground support services of design, construction, deployment, supervision, dismantling and drayage of trade show booth rentals during and after the trade show event, Exponents drives value creation for exhibitor brands. Exhibiting brands get to deploy trade show booth designs that are customized and graphics imprinted with creative visuals to convey brand value proposition, special offers and quality accreditations as per standard requirements of the pharmaceuticals vertical and rationalize cost, resource and time engagements across the trade show marketing calendar.

Drive Brand Promotion With Exponents’ Custom Designed Trade Show Booth Rentals

Drive excellence in brand promotion at trade show events across the marketing calendar with amazingly beautiful and creative, custom designed trade show booth rentals of flexible sizes and large scale brand graphic imprinted trade show exhibits that are constructed using Exponents’ in-house manufacturing technology. Give brand building efforts and edge at trade shows with visually creative and engaging trade show booth designs to achieve booth space economy. Save costs on recurring trade show event participation with reusable trade show booth rentals at Las Vegas and a dedicated team of people to offer support services ranging from deployment to drayage, across all stages of the trade show life cycle.

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