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When: May 01-04, 2023  Where: Miami Beach Convention Center

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Custom Trade Show Booth Rentals Seatrade Cruise

Custom Turnkey Trade Show Booth Rental at Seatrade Cruise Global

Seatrade Cruise Global is an event that brings together all sections of the cruise industry. This includes cruise lines, travel agents, and even suppliers. Attendees come from all over the United States to get abreast of the latest development and technology in the cruise industry. Seatrade Cruise Global is going to be hosted at Miami Beach Convention Center from May 01-04, 2023. This event draws an average of 50,000 visitors every year. It also has about 450+ exhibiting companies each year from more than 90 countries. All these go to show that Seatrade Cruise Global is the right event for your brand.

At Seatrade Cruise Global 2019, there would be about 700 exhibiting companies jostling for attention. You need to ensure that your brand is not overwhelmed by the flurry of activities. A key ingredient to your success at the trade show is for you to have a quality trade show booth. Quality doesn’t mean your booth should only be beautiful. Quality means that your booth should be able to attract attention and convey the quality of your brand at a glance. We have been making quality custom trade show booths at Exponents and we know what it takes to succeed. Custom trade show booths truly represent your brand.

Custom Exhibition Stand Contractor at Seatrade Cruise Global 2023: Project your brand efficiency

You can use custom trade show booth rentals for Seatrade Cruise Global 2023. Our custom trade show booth rentals are redesigned from existing booth designs and are made to project the unique quality of your brand. They also cost a fraction of the price for a custom-designed trade show booth. What’s more? You don’t have to worry about carrying the booth around or storing it. We do it for you. So you get a ready booth right at the site. And we take it down after the show.

Guarantee your success at Seatrade Cruise Global 2023 by using a custom trade show booth rental in Miami, FL Exponents services include designing, construction, execution and project management. Right from consultation to on-site supervision is covered under our roof.

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