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When: Sept 05-07, 2024  Where: The Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas

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Annual Forum of Society for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery


The SMISS Global Forum scheduled to be held from Sept 5-7, 2024 in Las Vegas, NV is the one-in-all professional learning and marketplace event in the United States of America targeting orthopedic and neurological surgeons, fellows and residents. An initiative of the Society for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery, the annual form aims to pursue existing and emerging tracks in the domains of current MISS techniques, TLIF, endoscopy, management of spinal deformity, cervical and lumbar degenerative, trauma and tumour conditions, deployment of robotics, navigation and cutting edge technologies for fusion, patient care and economics of ambulatory spine surgery centers in the country. The itinerary of the forum consists of lectures, case presentations, discussions, free papers, e-posters, case deliberations, and industry-sponsored continuing education sessions on MIS (minimally invasive spine) surgery techniques. With a myriad range of the latest tracks in MIS health care and dedicated sessions for knowledge sharing, demonstration of health care excellence in MIS techniques and professional networking, the forum assembles the biggest cast of renowned orthopedic and neurological surgeons, MIS health care professionals, vendors, and exhibitor brands.


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Exponents, the award-winning trade show booth builder is all set to enable exhibitors to redefine brand messaging with its full suite of trade show booth rentals and support services for booth construction, installation, onsite supervision, winding up, drayage and maintenance, covering all stages of the trade show cycle. Exhibitors from the MIS surgery health care vertical get access to dedicated teams of in-house trade show booth designers to procure customized and brand-centric trade show booth exhibits displays to augment visual sensory experiences of visitors and reinvent marketing communication to register higher gross impressions, generate higher brand recall and create new channels of B2B sales.


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