Leave a mark at Florida shows with eye-catching trade show booth rentals

Don’t want to blend into the background at Florida’s dynamic trade shows? Allow us to elevate your brand with a custom trade show booth that truly captures your brand’s essence. We handle everything from the unique design of your booth to its installation, dismantling, and shipping as well as onsite support.

We carefully handle all the complexities freeing you from the burden of details. With our in-house facility in Orlando, we guarantee timely fabrication and delivery of your exhibit rental in  Florida.

Forget the hassle of coordinating with multiple vendors – we’ve got it all under control. We 100% pre-build your booth at our Orlando facility before the event and send you photos and videos of it. This process is an additional quality check. This way, you can see your trade show booth in Florida beforehand and feel confident on the day of the show.

Our project manager will oversee all aspects of coordination, allowing you to concentrate on engaging with potential clients. Reach out to us at 800-639-1174 or email info@exponents.com for a quote for your trade show exhibit rental in Florida.

Let's design a booth that truly reflects your brand essence.

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Peace-of-mind booth builds
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Why is Exponents the right choice for renting a trade show booth in Florida?


700+ Customizable designs

Dive into our extensive collection of more than 700 trade show booth design ideas that are ready to be customized to your specifications. If you’re looking for something truly unique, we’ll also craft a brand-new design.

Quick turnaround time

We provide a detailed quote and a 3D concept of your booth design within four business days. 

Turnkey solutions

Enjoy the ease of our all-inclusive services, covering every phase of your trade show booth rental experience—from the original design concept through to shipping, setup, and dismantling.

Transparent pricing

Our straightforward pricing model guarantees no surprises which gives you a clear understanding of the costs for full peace of mind.

Project management

Benefit from the expertise of our project managers, who will be your main point of contact, ensuring efficient coordination of your trade show booth.

In-house facility

With our facility📍 located in Orlando, we can offer prompt and reliable service for your Florida trade show exhibit

Check out some of our work!

From 2000 sqft custom rental booth to 200 sqft modular rental booth, we do it all!


20x30 Trade Show Display AT IAAPA 2023, Orlando, FL


10x10 Trade Show Display AT IAAPA 2023, Orlando, FL

Signage Live

10x20 Booth Rentals AT Infocomm 2023, Orlando


20x20 Booth Rentals AT Infocomm 2023, Orlando


40x40 Trade Show Booth Rental AT Mining Disrupt 2023, Miami

Colquimica Adhesives

20'x30' Trade Show Booth at IDEA 2022, Miami, FL

Some of our happy clients!

What kind of booths can we provide for your Florida trade show?

Linear Booths: Discover how to make the most of small spaces with our linear booth designs. Even within a compact area, our creative use of sleek furniture, dynamic lighting, and custom color schemes crafts an environment that draws attention. We work closely with you to ensure the booth not only fits your space but also embodies your brand perfectly.

Island Booths: Explore the expansive possibilities of island booths, designed to offer a fully immersive, 360-degree experience. These spacious designs are all about engaging attendees, offering them a journey around your brand. With a focus on innovative layouts and interactive elements, we custom make each island trade show booth to tell your brand’s story unforgettably.

Tips to succeed at your next trade show in Florida

  • Captivating booth design:

Craft a booth that not only stands out visually but also offers a memorable experience. Incorporate elements that stimulate interaction, such as immersive technology or hands-on demonstrations, to ensure visitors engage with your brand.


  • Personalized post-show communication: 

Develop a structured plan for reaching out to leads after the event. This might include personalized emails, special offers, or content that adds value based on the recipient’s interests and interactions at your booth, turning leads into lasting connections.

  • Network actively: 

Trade shows are not just about selling but also networking. Engage with other exhibitors, attend workshops, and participate in networking events. You never know where your next partnership could come from.

  • Leveraging social media during the event: 

Utilize social media platforms to update followers in real time about what’s happening at your Florida trade show booth. Share photos, videos, and live streams of product demonstrations, key team members, and attendee interactions to extend your reach beyond the trade show floor.

About Florida

Florida, often referred to as the Sunshine State, is renowned for its vibrant culture, and stunning beaches, and is a prime destination for tourists worldwide.

Situated in the southeastern part of the United States, it is bordered by the Gulf of Mexico to the west, the Atlantic Ocean to the east, and is the closest U.S. state to the Caribbean and Latin America, making it a strategic hub for cultural and economic exchange. 

Florida’s fame isn’t just limited to its geographical advantage; it’s also celebrated for its diverse ecosystems, including the Everglades National Park, its thriving arts scene, and as a global leader in theme park entertainment, home to Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. 

In the realm of business and commerce, Florida has emerged as a key player in hosting trade shows leveraging its geographical location and well-developed infrastructure to facilitate international trade shows.

These trade shows not only serve as a platform for businesses to expand their reach but also significantly contribute to the state’s economy by drawing international attention and investment. 

At Exponents, we understand the dynamic nature of trade shows and the opportunities they present.

As a trade show booth business that provides turnkey services, we are dedicated to designing and delivering top-notch trade show exhibits in Florida that stand out. 

Things to consider while exhibiting in Florida

  1. Florida is known for its warm weather, which can be quite hot and humid, especially in the summer months. Plan your booth and any promotional activities accordingly, ensuring that any outdoor components have shade or air conditioning
  2. Be aware of any local regulations, permits, and taxes that might affect your exhibition. Florida’s regulations can vary significantly from other states, especially concerning sales tax collection, environmental regulations, and labor laws
  3. Take advantage of Florida’s attractions for post-event relaxation or team-building activities. This can also be an excellent opportunity for informal networking with clients or partners who are attending the trade show.
  4. Orange County Convention Center (OCCC) in Orlando is one of the largest and most famous convention centers, known for hosting a wide array of events. 
  5. Miami Beach Convention Center (MBCC) is located in the heart of Miami Beach and is a hub for international trade shows and cultural events. Access is easy through public transportation, including buses and Miami’s Metrorail, or by driving.

Let's shape a booth that steals the spotlight in Florida.