Preparing for a big tradeshow event often means sleepless nights for a majority of your team, because someone has to keep an eye on how things are going and mind the booth. Right? Wrong!
With our in house solutions, we offer you on site supervision and storage for your booth and equipment so that you can remain hassle free and only worry about pulling off a great presentation.

On Site Trade Show Supervision Services


Planning & Preparation

Before we move the set up to the actual site, we can give you a dry run at our workshop. If you want to watch the idea shape up at every stage, we can send you visuals of the making and take your input every step of the way.

And on the d-day our team will nail every piece in its place before handing over a perfectly assembled booth to you. Whether it is a modular design or a custom make, our on site supervisor will make sure that everything is down pat so that all you need to do is to put on a great show! And the team will be around the corner. So give us a shout and we will help you pull it down too, at the end of the event.

Asset Management

Unless you are going for a disposable stand, you will need professional storage facility to keep your stand away while not in use.

We don’t want you to run around and manage innumerable suppliers for every service. As part of our turnkey solutions, we offer our warehouses for safe custody of your booths until next use occasion. Our warehouses are at easy access locations so you don’t incur a lot on to and fro as well.

We have your best interests at heart

With years of experience in delivering hundreds of tradeshows across the world, Exponents is specially positioned to enable you to have a smooth and hassle free event.

Just count on us to find the right solution to whatever issue you may be facing, before, during or after the event.



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