Re- Configurable and Light Weight Portable Trade Show Booths from Exponents

Trade shows are opportunities to network with new industry contacts, find new vendors and expand your customer base. If you want to make a positive impact at a trade show, then you need a good portable trade show booth to attract visitors. While many companies invest in large booths that are difficult to transport, a smart business will invest in a portable trade show booths that can pay for itself in cost savings and increased revenue.

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Why Invest in a Portable Trade Show Booths?


  • Easier to Transport:- By its nature, a portable trade show booths is easier to transport
    from show to show. Most companies ship their trade show booths to each location, or
    they invest a lot of money in having local booth rental companies provide one for them. But when you have a portable display booth, you can significantly reduce your shipping costs and make sure your booth gets safely to each show.


  • Be In More Trade Shows:- When your company has a portable tradeshow booth,
    you are ready to present at any trade show at any time. While other companies have to plan carefully their trade show participation schedule a year in advance with little opportunity to take advantage of emerging or new shows, your portable
    booth is always ready to help your company impress an audience at a moment’s notice. Your portable display booth also allows you to be put on waiting lists for the most significant
    shows in your industry and respond in a moment’s notice to any last-minute openings. This ability to be placed into more significant shows that are harder to be a part of
    due to their popularity can give your company a significant advantage over the competition.


  • Establish a Presence:- The real cost savings from a portable trade show displays come from the ability to establish a presence in your industry by putting together an aggressive trade show schedule.


Why Choose Exponents for your next Portable Trade Show Booths?

If you want to make a good impression at industry trade shows, then you need an impressive
display to help your company make a statement. With over 30+ years of industry
insight and manufacturing excellence

Our exhibit experts will help you design your perfect portable trade show displays that
will help you to make a real difference with your next trade show.

Some of our featured Portable Trade Show Booths

  • Entimo Ag 10x20 booth @ Disease Week , San Diego
    10x20 light weight display
  • 400 Sqft Custom Rental booth for Praxim
    20x20 portable booth
  • custom trade show exhibit
    700 Sqft portable exhibit
  • 10x20 Modular Exhibition stand for Wellnomics @ National Ergonomics conference
    10x20 portable exhibit
  • convention display booths
    27 Sqmtr trade show portable exhibit
  • booth displays for trade shows
    Comprehensive Finance
    400 Sqft portable display
  • 20x20 trade show booth for cannavest @ Supply Side west, Las vegas
    20x20 portable exhibit
  • 10x20 rental booth @ IDEA, Boston
    10x20 portable trade show booth


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