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From Fortune 500 companies to startups, Exponents has transformed thousands of brands into engaging experiences with our all-inclusive portable booths. We offer an extensive line of portable trade show displays ideal for trade shows and events. Browse through our portfolio of over 700 portable trade show booths based on your budget and booth size for inspiration.

Portable displays provide various benefits and value to exhibitors as they are easy to use, of excellent quality, lightweight, compactable, and impactful, thus making it an ideal option for exhibitors attending multiple shows.

Explore our range of portable trade show display designs

Explore our catalog of the custom portable booth and see how you can reuse them for different layouts and show formats. Our team of experienced designers has curated these designs that find application in a variety of industries and show formats.

BLU2030 003

Price: $73,684.00

Discounted Price: $55,263.00

BLU2020 001

Price : $53,027.00

Discounted Price : $39,771.00

BLU2030 017

Price:   $62,911.00

Discounted Price: $47,184.00

BLU2020 003

Price: $57,969.00

Discounted Price: $43,477.00

BLU2030 005

 Price : $64,530.00

Discounted Price : $48,399.00

BLU2020 002

 Price : $50,710.00

Discounted Price : $38,033.00

BLU2030 007

Price : $68,565.00

Discounted Price : $51,424.00

BLU2020 020

Price:  $60,819.00

Discounted Price: $ 45,615.00

BLU1020 003

Price: $32,546.00

Discounted Price: $ 24,410.00

BLU2020 021

Price : $67,612.00

Discounted Price : $50,709.00

BLU1020 002

Price:  $21,742.00

Discounted Price: $ 16,307.00

BLU2030 016

Price:    $70,322.00

Discounted Price: $52,742.00

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We offer portable trade show display for buying and renting both, choose as per need

Exhibiting is a great way to boost company visibility in the mind of visitors and improve annual sales and turnover. We, at Exponents, build the finest booth designs that enable you to connect with your audience and generate quality sales but to invest prudently; you need to choose between purchasing and renting. So, are you in a dilemma of whether to buy a trade show booth or rent one? Then don’t worry! We offer you both.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution, you can opt to rent a portable trade show display. Renting can be an idyllic option for large-sized portable booths. If you’re participating in multiple shows in a year then buying would the right choice. It is great for medium to small-sized trade show booths. To know more about buying and renting, you could visit our website or get in touch with our experts to guide you through the exhibiting process.

You can contact us at 800.639.1174 / [email protected].

Why Invest in Portable Trade Show Displays?

Easier to Transport:

By its nature, portable trade show booths are easier to transport from show to show. Most companies ship their trade show booths to each location, or they invest a lot of money in having local booth rental companies that provide one for them. But when you have a portable display booth, you can significantly reduce your shipping costs and make sure your booth gets safely to each show.

Be In More Trade Shows:

When your company has a portable tradeshow booth, you are ready to present at any trade show at any time. While other companies have to plan carefully their trade show participation schedule a year in advance with little opportunity to take advantage of emerging or new shows, your modular booth is always ready to help your company impress an audience at a moment’s notice.

Cost-effective Solution:

Portable displays are built for reconstruction as they offer flexibility. Made up of lightweight materials, they are easy to transport and save a lot of budget on logistics. Being a sustainable product packed in compact packaging, they also reduce your storage costs.

Establish a Presence:

The real cost savings from portable trade show displays come from the ability to establish a presence in your industry by putting together an aggressive trade show schedule.

Why Choose Exponents for your next Portable Trade Show Booths?

At a fairground, creating an experience or a memory can be tough, especially when you are surrounded by many others like you or are showcasing products or services that are similar to your offering. And in such scenarios, your portable trade show booth displays must be such that they shall do all the attention pulling. And for you to achieve this, you need to circle down upon the right trade show provider that helps you achieve this.  Your trade show booth speaks volumes even when you don’t interact with your customers upfront. Hence, while the right trade show booth will help you make it big the wrong ones can break it for you. Therefore, here we list down a few points as to why you should choose Exponents to get your portable booth for trade shows.

With over 30 years of industry insight and manufacturing excellence, our exhibit experts will help you design your perfect portable trade show displays that will help you to make a real difference with your next trade show. Here’s why hiring us for your portable trade show booth can be a good choice!

We present an extensive variety of portable booth display designs tailored according to your prerequisite. All of these designs are easily accessible through our online configurator tool.
Our open and pre-committed prices guarantee complete transparency and make sure that there is no unseen cost caught up in the process.
Our in-house manufacturing unit makes sure that your booth construction adheres to stringent quality practices to ensure that there is no compromise over quality.
We have pioneering graphic production facilities that make stunning trade show graphics using dye-sublimation technology.
Our proficient project managers will assist you to a stress-free show by updating you with milestones so that you don’t have to worry about the execution.
We provide 100% pre-built promise which enables to get a preview of your booth before the event day. This assures you that the booth is built as per your brief.
We have offices, warehouses, and showrooms in the major exhibiting locations in the US. This ensures prompt service and on-time delivery of your portable display booth in the US.

Leave all the worries related to your trade show booth to us and have a worthwhile show!

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